Saturday, April 5, 2014

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker by Manny 

    On Friday, the 4th of April, we had a guest speaker come in and talk. It was for Samuel’s curiosity project. And just to make it clear, Samuel is not in our class, as we all know. But he was able to contact an F.B.I dude named Doug and he showed him around the F.B.I place. And so now, he’s here talking to all us fifth graders about the F.B.I and other junk.
    Well, Doug talked to us about all this stuff about the F.B.I, answered a lot of questions, and told us about the application things, which unfortunately took him an 1 and 30 minutes to discuss. Honestly, I was about to fall asleep as 40 minutes went by. It was just so boring! But it was fun for other people. So the very least I can do is feel happy for them. Anyways, I learned a lot of new things, which is good!
    Even though it was boring in my opinion, I was very intrigued by all the cool facts and questions people asked. So overall, it was okay. But I’m not giving the whole speech any higher than that! But, I love having guest speakers, so I’ll congratulate Doug on his accomplishments in his life.

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