Monday, April 7, 2014

The Anticipated Book #3

The Anticipated Book #3 by Manny 

    I have waited a long time for some books! And this one is just another one I’m desperate to read. It’s titled The Land of Stories: Enchantress Returns. It is the second book in the series, and I LOVED the first one, so hopefully the next one will be good if I get it! In the library, I’ve searched to see if we had it, but it was an ASK book, which means we would have to borrow it from another school.
    I really want to read this book! I’m excited, and I just can’t wait to see if it’s at Barnes and Noble. I just LOVE that bookstore! And if they have it, I’ll be the happiest Manny in the world! It’ll be so thrilling and exciting, I’ll die!
    This book is a must read for me on my list. Hey, I can finally put this book on my someday list for books I want to read! Anyways, I loved the first book, and hopefully I’ll like the second!

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