Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Grace

100 word challenge
 I was going on an Easter egg hunt at church on Sunday and I found about twenty eggs.There was an egg that was the prize egg ...but I couldn't find the egg...I searched high and low far and close,nothing I look under and over through and around,nothing I looked till my legs stopped working and I dropped on the ground like I had my heart stop working and start working again.My mother came screaming and said"Where were you its been three days since the hunt.I was completely confused I had just fallen and that was all,or so I thought.You had a heart attack.


  1. I like your ending, where you think you have a heart-attack. There was a few grammar mistakes that only occur on the computer. You should put a space after each period. That way, it will be easy for people to know where to take a break on the sentence.
    What actually happened to her? Did she actually have a heart-attack or was she just dreaming about the Easter egg hunt??

  2. Cara,
    You’ve really created a mood in your 100WC piece. Getting readers to sympathize or connect with a character is a great writing device. Well-done.