Tuesday, April 29, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Manny

100 Word Challenge by Manny

    I awakened from my slumber, but I wasn’t in my house. I was inside Sammy Keyes’ house. I loved reading Sammy Keyes, and I could tell that Sammy was Sammy because she was called that by Grams and Sammy called Grams Grams. Not confusing at all. I don’t think they’d notice me, but I was hungry, so decided to go to the kitchen and eat some food. And when I opened the cupboard, they turned towards me. And Sammy said something I hadn’t expected ever. She said, “Marissa, I’m so glad you’re here!” She came and gave me a hug.
    Wait, Marissa? Marissa McKenze? I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I looked into the mirror. It’s true.

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  1. Thanks for entering this weeks 100WC Manny - this is an interesting take on the word prompt. Well done and keep blogging!
    Miss Cragg (Team 100)