Monday, April 7, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery: Part 13

A Typical Mystery:Part 13 by Manny 

    The fight blasted out so quickly, I couldn’t catch my breath. It was so exciting, getting the chance to whoop the Acne’s butts! But other than that, it was frightening. At this moment right now, we can’t afford any injuries.
    The male acne came running at me with force, he swung his arm for a punch. but I ducked. I looked to my right, where I saw Elsa knocking out Acne #1 and was looking hard for the Golden Apple.
    I guess I wasn’t focusing on the battle, because the male acne pushed me as I stared at Elsa, wondering what she was thinking about at this moment. I let out a huff as I got up quickly. Frighteningly, he came running at me with such force, I couldn’t move. Suddenly before he was gonna attack me, I ducked and I made a run to the kitchen. I was about to get my favorite weapon, the frying pan! I went furiously to the kitchen, but Acne #1 got up too. She stared at me and said,”It’s go time!”
    “Did you notice how hard Elsa crushed you? Because to me, it doesn’t seem like it.” That got her angry, so she charged at me. I managed to punch her face as she ran to me, which knocked her down, and it was pretty hilarious! I suddenly saw the frying pan, and made a grab for it. The male acne all of a sudden realized where I was, and came at me. I had no hesitation with the frying pan, I just smacked it across his face, and he was out like a bug.
    I saw everyone fighting really hard, and it brought tears to my eyes. Here we were, fighting so hard to get something that wouldn’t be complete without Brad. I looked at Happy, he was helping out Goldilocks, as she whipped her long braided hair and wacked it across the face of another unknown acne. Soon, all of them were on the ground. I threw the frying pan at each and every acne, just to make sure we killed them. After I did that, Elsa came running down with the Golden Apple, cheering,”We got it, we got the Golden Apple!” We were all doing a celebration dance, including Happy who was scurrying in small circles, obviously in excitement.
    “Guys, we got it!” Flynn Rider said. We all cheered once more, for this was a tough journey.
    “I’m so excited to get home in the forest. Even though it’ll be like 5 hours to get back,”Anna stated.
    “It won’t matter,”I said,”because we’re going together.” And like that, we were out the door, and on our way home.

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  1. Manny,
    Is there a sequel? I would love to read it!