Monday, April 7, 2014

The Ten Book Challenge

The Ten Book Challenge by Manny 

    By May 1st, every single fifth grader must have finished a book from to different genres. Some of those genres are poetry, realistic fiction, fantasy and biography. I have two more left to finish, and those are mystery and poetry. They won’t be too hard, because the book I’m reading is fantasy/mystery, and it’ll be easy to find a nice poetry book. So, I’m almost done with mine, and if I finish by April 20th, I’ll be happy with myself. Because the mystery book I’m reading is huge!
    So, I wrote this just to make sure you knew in time. If you’re at 7 or less, kick it up! If you’re at 7, you’re gonna have to finish 3 books in one month! I’ve done that once before, but it wasn’t easy. So, make sure where you are, don’t forget to log it when you finish a book from a new genre, and you’ll be on you way!

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