Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guest Author: Judy Young

Guest Author by Manny
    Judy Young was a very talented author who came to Glenridge on the 15th of April to talk about her career and her books. I was very excited for her to come to the school. It was exhilarating, no matter how long we had to sit on the carpet and listen.     I loved these dinosaur books that an author made, and all along, I thought the author was Judy! But it wasn't her, and I was disapointed. But I'll find out sometime.

    Judy had her own new book, "Tuki and Moka" that was released this year! She even read it to us! I liked the book a lot, and I was very happy to hear it, along with the whole grade. Judy is very smart, hardworking, and inspiring. Especially her first poem, that was good! I'm glad she came here, and I will remember this for a long time.

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