Monday, April 7, 2014

I Want to See A Musical!

I Want To See a Musical! by Manny
    “But MOM! I want to see a musical!”
    “We can’t afford it! Don’t you understand!?”

                               The song begins:
    Girl: But mother, can’t you see? Can’t you see the crowd applauding in Grease?
    Mother: But still, it costs too much! I’m not seeing anything-
    Girl: Mother, the adventures! The adventures that we can share together!
    Mother: But we don’t have enough money! Money, money, money!
    Girl: Mother, the excitements! The great songs, great acting!
    Mother: Yes, it sounds nice, but we don’t have that much money. Can’t YOU see!?
    Girl: I’m trying to, I’m trying. But I can’t get over the Broadway musicals!
    Mother: But you need to understand, that WE! CANNOT! AFFORD! IT!
    Girl: You could’ve just said that before.


  1. Ha! I bet the mom take aspirin a lot!

  2. Manny,
    Very funny! The girl is very perservirant.