Monday, April 14, 2014

Popular Broadway Books

Popular Broadway Books by Manny

    I love books, even better, I love books about musical theatre and Broadway! So, I’m going to talk about a few popular books about that topic. I don’t like all of these books, but they helped me in a few ways.
    The first book is The Great American Mousical. I’m such a fan of this amazing book! It was very interesting and informed me in how a Broadway play is directed and developed. The second book would have to be Showtime. I personally hated this book, it was 800 something pages! But that’s not the reason. The reason was that it gave info ALL about the history. In 800 pages, and I’m planning on talking about the history for 2 minutes! The better and final book is Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle. This is such a fantastic book! It’s hilarious, touching, and witty! This 13 year old named Nate snuck out of Jankburg, Pennsylvania to go audition for E.T:The Musical. Not only is this a great IDR book, it also gives me info about Broadway. If I have not read this book by the time summer came along, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.
    These are a few books about Broadway. And each and every one of these books has critical acclaim on the back, or the front cover. It’s good if you get a good review that you can put on the book. That attracts more readers, and I think that you can be one of those people reading these books.

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