Sunday, April 20, 2014

Biography: Jenna Ushkowitz

Biography 18:Jenna Ushkowitz by Manny 

    Jenna Ushkowitz is an American actress who plays the role of Tina on Glee. I am a fan of Jenna, and I think she’s a good singer, well, you have to be if you’re on Glee! I mainly wrote about her because I needed something to write about, but I also have wanted to write about Jenna for a while, actually!
    Jenna Ushkowitz was on Broadway as a young child. She was in the Broadway musical The King and I, and she understudied many roles in another Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. Then a few years after Spring Awakening, she landed a role as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee. Her style is a little goth and shy. After her success in Glee, she wrote a book that’s titled “Choosing Glee.” It’s about her life, and motivational things. It seems very interesting!
    I really adore Jenna Ushkowitz. I think she’s very taleneted, and deserves the success that she has had in her career.

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