Monday, April 28, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Steven

Today when I am doing my homework, my mom calls:"Come down and do housework with me." "No, I am not."I said.  Then, my mom said:"come here, get a cup for me, please." "OK  mom." I walk to the kitchen and when I open the cupboard door, and nothing happen.  So I take one cup normally, and walk back to my mom.  I give the cup to my mom and go to my room do more homework. Then, a boring thing happened.  "come here Steven, let me check your homework." "OK, but why do you do that?" "You do not have to."my mom said. "Yes"I said to myself.

1 comment:

  1. Steven,
    I like your use of dialogue - it is very realistic, well done. Keeping your 100WC story in the present tense makes it interesting for the reader, we are experiencing everything in the moment.
    Great effort!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg