Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Poetry: Sammy Keyes

Sammy Keyes Poem by Manny 

            Oh, no, there’s been a robbery!
            What will we do?
            Our whole city is doomed!
            But wait, what’s that sound?
            It sounds like a girl!
            Oh, yes, it’s Sammy Keyes!
            Sammy Keyes will save us.
            She’ll find the robber,
            She’ll find the robber,
            Stealing nice gold and copper.
            Sammy Keyes is the town hero!
            She’s the one to be!
            Sammy Keyes saved the town!
            Wish I could be like Keyes!

            Have you ever read a Sammy Keyes book?

1 comment:

  1. Manny, You have only read like a little bit, and you are already writing poems. I need no more proof. You are reading like a fan!