Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review: Better Nate Than Ever

Better Nate Than Ever by Manny 

    Don’t you just love when you find a book you’ve wanted for a while? Well, Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle is the perfect example for me. It was about Broadway, and a kid named Nate who’s desperate to be on it.
    Nate is an ambitious, funny kid who’s always dreamed of being on Broadway and knows everything about it! With help from his friend, Libby, he sneaks off from Jankburg, Pennsylvania to New York City to audition for Elliott in the musical version of E.T. He has a lot of adventures with it, including a giant cliffhanger at the end.
    My favorite part was when Nate peed in his pants. It was hilarious, because he’s 13! I recommend this book to you because it is hilarious, touching, and full of info on Broadway flops, because they replace swears with them. I am guaranteed you’ll love this book if you decided to read it, and I hope you do!

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