Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery: Finale

A Typical Mystery:Finale by Manny The way home, like always, was tiring. Luckily, we got there an hour early. Mainly because we ran. “I’m so happy we’re home! Ha, I said happy!” Happy stated. We all admitted, it was pretty weird to have Happy say the word “happy” in one sentence. But, we were home, and we needed to focus on putting the Golden Apple back in its cage. “Guys, we need to get the Golden Apple back in the shack,”Flynn said. So, we all went west, where the shack was. It was brown, and old, but inside was always a special place that held many memories. We put it on the holder, put the cage on top of it, and we left after that. The feeling of everything that happened on this journey is incredible, and with these friends, and the fact of knowing Brad would be watching over us is amazing and comforting. But, it was time to relax and smile. “Guy,” I said,”I think it’s time to celebrate.” We all smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I think it’s time.”

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