Monday, April 21, 2014

Ildiko's Card

 Ildiko’s Card by Manny 

    Everyone remember that when Ildiko’s card is due is that it’s due on the 22d! I can’t wait to write mine! I’m even gonna give her a book that I know she will like. Sammy Keyes! I think it’s important to make the card for Ildiko special because she’s been out for 4 months! We haven’t seen her for that long! It’s pretty depressing because she’s my friend, and I miss her.
    I think she will love how we all took time to give her something special. I mean, she misses us and Glenridge, so why don’t we do something nice for her? She really needs the support, too. No one wants to have their dad be diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s a really sad thing, and the fact that we are all helping her is so amazing! We should keep doing it for her! What do you think about that?

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  1. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we miss her a lot.
    She needs support and it is wonderful that we are supporting her.
    What do you think?