Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Word Challenge: DJ

    It was Ester morning and I was super excited. My mom said she put money in the eggs this year. I know I'm to old for Ester but when I heard MONEY, I was ready to get as much as I could. My mom said "every egg has $1 except for the egg with the polka dots". When I heard one had $20 I got excited. As soon as we started I found 17 dollars. My mom told us to stay out side while she hides the egg in the house. When she was done I went in the house. But I couldn't find the egg.


  1. Ha! It's like 20$ $ $ $ $. And of course, the most precious one disappears! Duh Duh Duh

  2. I love the hype of when they hiding the eggs but it always turns out the best one is the hardest one to find!

    - Quinn

  3. An egg filled with money instead of candy - no wonder you were keen to go looking.
    Nobody is ever too old for Easter - I loved receiving eggs each year :-)

    Trish Burgess
    Team 100WC

  4. * I like how you built up the tension
    * Good use of punctuation
    W. Use spell check on Microsoft word

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