Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writing: A Typical Tribute

A Typical Tribute, A Special by Manny 

    The fire was lit, and the flame was flickering. We all sat around four logs we gathered together, and spoke none. I looked up at the night sky, and found that the stars were very bright, and lit it up perfectly.
    “I have gathered you here today to talk about our favorite things about Brad.” After I spoke the explanation, I heard complete silence.
    “Goldilocks, why don’t you go first?” I suggested. She nodded her head, took a very deep breath, and began. “Brad was the kindest person I’ve ever met. Even though I was shy on the journey, he was a great leader of the group.And he took charge in a calm way. I’ll miss him.” A few tears sprinkled down her face. It was an emotional time for all of us, not just for Goldilocks. “Okay, Happy, you’re next.”
    “Brad was the person who saved me from the cold danger of the snowy mountains. He was my best friends, and the fact that he’s gone is just-” Happy couldn’t take it anymore, he just started to sob. He scurried to his tree hole to his family, not too far away. The emotion of it all was just...so hard to bare.
    “Well, Elsa, it’s your turn.” Elsa also nodded, like Goldilocks did, and also took a deep breath, like Goldilocks did. Then she began with,”Brad was amazing. He was adventurous, dashing, and brave. He was great at what he did. And sometimes, I just get so mad at myself that I killed him-” Elsa broke off. She started to bawl, loudly! She threw ice balls at trees, and in every direction she could! She fell to the ground sobbing, and then ran away. Far away. Where no one could see her again. “Oh no, she fled!” I screamed. “Maybe she’ll come back, who knows.” Goldilocks and I decided to move on with it, no matter how hard it was.
    “I’ll miss Brad’s smile, the way he laughed. And everything about him. He, like Elsa said, was adventurous, and very, so brave. I can’t believe he’s gone.” Then, just like that, I started to sob. I couldn’t stop, and Goldilocks came over to me where I could rest my shoulder on hers. I continued, as the fire went out. There was silence, except that I couldn’t stop crying, and I tried to stop. But, I couldn’t.
    “Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.”
    “Yes, it’ll be o-okay.”

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