Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

The little chick had just hatched after its mother had nursed the egg for more than a month. One day the mother was away and I got the chance to look into the nest. I looked for the speckled shell but I couldn’t find the egg. The chick was very small and fluffy. I put out my hand and the chick surprisingly snuggled against it. Its body was warm and I could feel its heart beating fast. When I got down from the nest, the mother returned with a mouthful of worms. The mother chirped something that sounded like “Jooey”. Its the perfect name I thought.


  1. The mother chirped something that sounded like joey. That's so cute.Don't you sometimes wish you could write more?

  2. Thanks Diniti for the comment. Yeah I do sometimes wish that I could write more. That's what so challenging about 100 Word Challenge. You can only write so much.