Sunday, April 27, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Bing Bing

100 WC
 I woke up,it was Easter!I jumped off of bed and raced to the kitchen,My mom was cooking breakfast.I asked my mom when we could have the Easter egg hunt and she said,”After breakfast.”So I ate breakfast,we got in the car and we drove off.The egg hunt was at my friend’s house;who lives an hour away.”Are we there yet?” I asked.”Nope.” My mom answered “How about now?” “Nope.” “Now?” “Nope.”......................

 Once we got there,my friends mom said the Easter egg hunt was starting.There was 1 REAL  egg and 25 plastic eggs.They where all hidden around my friend’s yard.The winner will get a great prize.Everyone wanted to find the real egg,including me.We all searched around the yard,intell finally someone found the egg,it was not my friend nor me,it was someone else. “But I thought I could find the egg!” My friend said. “Me too” I say.

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