Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Concert

Spring Concert by Manny 

    On Thursday of the 24th, the school chorus got to perform our concert to the parents and a few siblings! I had a great time performing and I loved it! I thought that we all did exceptionally well and we should be proud. It was only 5 songs, but it was nerve-racking! I had to face singing a very fun song in Spanish, and someone singing next to me being very loud! It was difficult going through those hard things, and I just can’t believe it was our last concert!
    I had a great amount of fun and excitement performing “Cantar!”, “Why We Sing”, “Seize the Day”, “Joy in My Heart”, and last but not least “Sing With Jubilation.” I loved all the songs, some were fun while some were very serious. It was a nice mix of great songs. And I loved performing! Did you come or perform?

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