Friday, December 20, 2013

Social Studies: Colonies

Social Studies by Kaleb

In social studies, students are re-creating what it was like to be an explorer and creating their own colony.  First we had to make our colony name, then we had to “pack the ship”, and finally land.Now you may think this is all easy-peasy, but it wasn’t.for some colonies the fates were in their favor, but for others...                                                

Anyway,it was very difficult to try to determine what to pack,and how much to pack.Kids, adults, horses, and most importantly food!
So you think you have what it takes to be to be an explorer?

Hour of Code

Hour of Code by Kaleb

    Recently Mrs.Barnes introduced a coding program called hour of code.  It has many popular games, such as angry birds and plants v.s. zombies.
There are little puzzle pieced shapes that say “turn left” ,”turn right”, and “move forward. all you have to do is put the puzzle pieces together and the players act accordingly!
    There are also codes that allow you you make cards, control robots,and even create your own games.So if you like a fun challenge, get on to hour of code!

Do you like coding?

Biography of Bing Bing

My biography

 I,BingBing have A LOT to say about my life.First of all,I want to tell you that I want more toys(Legos).But before I can tell you that story,I have to tell you THIS story.

 So you know alot of people say,”Do that…”.Well thats exactly what happened to me today.So you know I was walking to school,and I met my friend...correction,my BEST friend,Larry and he asked me,”Aren't you always a earlier”.little bit later?”.I answered,”Yeah,but I just decided to come."
 Did anything happen to you like that in YOUR life?

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

By: Ethan

    Recently our teacher introduced us to a website called Hour of Code. On this website you learn a basic java script. You can program Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and many others.
    There are 3 basic commands: forward, left and right, but as you get more advanced you get repeat until pig and repeat five times, and so forth. I’ve only been on a couple times but it’s fun.

    Do you like programming?

Hour of Code


Have you ever wanted to program your own games? well I have, and all you have to do is get on to hour of code. It has multiple games some are easier than others but they're all fun. Theres is also an angry bird game where you lead the angry bird to the pig.

You also can create your own game bu.t most of all its just plain fun. it might make your brain work ,but hey, all in a days work, right? so go to hour of code right now, and check it out.

    Have you ever been there before?

Math: Area of a Triangle

Area of a Triangle

By: Quinn

Today we started learning about the area of a triangle. We learned that you have to multiply base and height and you will get the area. We cut pieces of paper to make triangles and measured them to make sure they were the right.
    We also got papers with certain triangles we had to make, but some of them were impossible and we had to figure it out and explain why. It was very fun and I can’t wait to do more of it after winter break. 

Do you know how to find the area of a triangle?

Holiday Sing

Holiday Sing by Manny

The holiday sing is today! It is where the 4th and 5th grade chorus sing songs first and then the other individual grades sing a song.
  This is what they sing. Kindergarten sings Frosty the Snowman. Everyone enjoys seeing kindergarten. Next, first grade sings All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth. They then show pictures of kids who have lost their teeth. A lot of people laugh at the pictures because it’s so funny to some people. Next, second grade sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I like that song. I remember singing it in second grade. Lastly, to close out the day, third grade sings Deck The Halls. I really like that song too. It’s a good song to sing. Oh, I forgot to add, the chorus sings Angels We Have Heard On High. the Grinch Medley, and the Eight Days of Hanukkah. I have a solo in that song. Same with Eva, Abby, Daboh and Mya. It is gonna be awesome! And I’m excited! 

Do you think it sounds fun?

Miami Trip

Steven's Trip to Miami by Steven

In November, my family and I went to  Miami on vacation.  The first day we get up really early, at 5am, to see the sunrise.  It was very pretty and I took some pictures.  We went on a cruise and I like the food there.  I ate steak, chicken, and turkey.  And of course the self-serve ice cream!  The cruise had a big swimming pool with a big slide.  That was fun!  They also had a hot tub, too!  We visited Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico.  After we returned to Miami.I like Cayman island very much. Because  I went snorkeling!
        This is our trip,do you like it?

Time for Kids Poetry Contest

Time For Kids Contest

    Usually once a week our teacher Mrs.Barnes assigns the class to read a magazine and complete  the worksheet along with the reading. The  worksheet is always about the topic that the reading assignment was on. So on one of the previous magazines that was handed out with a worksheet the bonus on the worksheet was to send in a poetry piece that you made to the TFK website. As a student that likes to do bonus questions or extra credit you might call it I of course did the bonus. Below is what I sent in.

Math Poetry   


For what I see
    For what I hear
    Poetry is everywhere
    Except here
    The room is loud
    With sounds of confusion
    Poetry now is not
    I hear some numbers
    I see some calculators
    Math time isn't till 1:30
    I look at the clock
    What do I see
    It's 1:30

            What would your entry be about?

Peace Ball

The Peace Ball by Tim

Every year in November teachers give out peace loops to children who do something peaceful.  Then the children connect all the peace loops their class earns into an big chain, and then we measure the chains, and we count the peace loops in the chains.  Then an group of children rolls the chains into a big ball, around a core consisting of a tennis ball with an cut in it.  Mrs. Spann collects papers with words of peace on them from the children and puts them in the ball.  At the Holiday Sing, it is displayed.  This year’s ball was 6 pounds! 

Did your parents have something similar in their school?

Book Review: Remarkable


Well I just finished not too long ago a book called Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley! and I just love it! and the book is a Fantasy and it is the best book ever that I have read in my life!

  The book is about a girl named Jane and she and her grandpa is unremarkable.Then Jane the main character goes to a non-gifted school and she is the only one there!
BUT!,that is not all, two double-trouble No good timing chimps comes along and dose this big well I don't want to spoil it but it is vary,vary,vary blue! But that is not all!
the grandpa,grandpa John he is friends with a lake-nose monster and that lake-nose monster likes music and figgy doddels what the heck is a figgy doddle? BUT WAIT!! I can't forget the pirate! he is the best pirate ever! he likes his pet parrot and he get piratenapped by other pirates and he loves this jelly that rots your teeth! but at the end it goes back to normal and Jane is remarkable and so is grandpa John and Jane also get a special surprise by her piret\normal teacher and they all live happily ever after!

Do you think this book sounds interesting?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Art: Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes

Today in art class we made paper snowflakes. We talked about types of folk art, and learned all about different cultures. It was really cool to learn about all different types of cultures, and the types of folk art. We learned that real snowflakes have six sides, not four, and not eight.

We folded the paper, then cut off part of the paper. Right before we cut our designs, we had a weird ice cream cone design. We cut out random designs, then opened our snowflakes. They were all BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Soon we will put them on our windows.

Have you ever made a snowflake?

Book Review: Oogy

                 OOGY by Eva

Oogy is a book: a very humerous and SAD book.
So if you don't like sad books don't read this.But otherwise read it.Oogy is a fighting dog,So he was beaten up by another dog.Well I told you it was sad.

Also if you like realistic fiction you should also read it.In the book he gets found beat up and bloody, and with his right ear torn off!.Oogy is also a mystery book.They try to find out who owns Oogy and who's dog beat Oogy up.

So now do you want to read it?

Biography: Ally Condie

 Biography 2: Ally Condie by Manny

    Hello. Thank you for coming to Biography 2. I started a little mini biography series and I hope you'll like this one.
    Ally Condie is an author. She is most famous for her YA and teens series: Matched. The series in order is...

All of those books were great. I loved 'em. She has also written Being Sixteen, Yearbook, Reunion, and I forgot the other one. She is talented for her amazing dystopian work in her three books in the Matched trilogy. She is known for her amazing details and creativity of words in her books. Matched was 4/5 on Goodreads and also won Amazon Best Book of the Month. Fun fact: Crossed and Matched were both international bestsellers. This shows Ally Condie is talented. She writes from the soul. A creative, awesome, good writing soul. That is Ally Condie for you. Do you think she rocks?

PE: Basketball

                  By: SAM

    This week in PE we have practiced our basketball skills and now are putting them to work. Now we are playing games on all 6 of our baskets.

    One of the games we are playing is Knockout. That game will test how fast you can score a basket.  One of the other game is Pig which is when you have to make shots from where your classmate picks. The last is Pop The Bubble which is when if you make it you're still good, but if you miss and the next person makes it you're out. But if they miss they are on the bubble and you get back in line.

Do you play on a separate basketball team?

Art: Hat Weavings

Hat Weavings by TIM

At art class we have choice art, where we choose what we do.  Hat weavings are becoming increasingly popular, and people have started to take them home.  At first Mrs. Hayden allowed this at first, but when looms started to disapear, she stopped allowing them to be taken home.  Sophia, Emma, Daboh and DJ have made considerable progress. 

Do you do hat weavings?  Would you like to?

Basketball Fun

   Basketball Fun by Manny

 In P.E., we are doing a basketball unit. Now, we are playing basketball games and rotating to different baskets. We played on the bubble, pig, and knock out. Do you know how to play these games? Well, they are really fun. But they are too long to talk about. So I'll tell you about on the bubble. In on the bubble, you try to shoot in the basket, of course. And if you miss, you go on the bubble. If the next person makes it, then you are out and you sit. If they do not make it, then you go back to the line. It is an awesome game.

    Now, I will tell you about bean bag dribble grab. Now, there is a circle in the middle of the gym. There are 4 people in the circle. They all have noodles. There are bean bags all around the circle and people try to dribble and take a bean bag at the same time. If they lose control of the ball, then they have to put the bean bag back. This is awesome. I love doing the basketball games in P.E.

Do you like basketball games?

SS: Colony Points

 New Team/Colony Points System by Aidan

We are starting colonies and have a new point system. It gets vary weired but it will grow on you. I think that me and my team will hope for great things. There are some weired abbreviations like F.U. means food units. There are five team. You have the Applaines, Defenders of Liberty, Free Eagles, The Wings of Freedom and my team the Strikers of the Night.

    What name do you like the most?

Art: Eat Art

    Eat Art
    Eat Art is where on D day  for lunch and recess you go to the art room to share a piece of art that you have made at home and have brought to share.
    For the past eat  art I brought in the game Blokus. Out of the blokus pieces in the game I used all of  the pieces to create a piece of art that I had made at home. So I attended  the next eat art and I had so much fun because I got to be around other people who cared for art just as much as I  do.    

What art can you make out of magazine paper?

Book Review: Maze of Bones

              39 Clues by Kaleb               

Lately, a lot of kids in 5B have been interested in a book series called the 39 Clues.  It involves traitors, a gigantic family grudge, and a mystery that could endanger the whole race!  Luckily, there are two heroes that are up to the challenge.
Unfortunately,there is one thing that Amy and Dan can't solve. Who killed their parents?  With Dan's photographic memory,and Amy's excellent knowledge of history, can they not only solve the clue hunt, and find out who killed their parents?         

Find out in The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan                                 

Art: Weaving

The Age of Weaving by Daboh

During art, fifth grade had a lesson of weaving. People became completely obsessed. Then of course we started Free Choice. That's where everyone gets to do whatever project they want. Not surprisingly, everyone went for the weaving station. At first everyone at the weaving station worked with cardboard looms. Then the hats became super popular. There were so many people that wanted to make hats that our art teacher had to actually send an email to parents telling them where to get hat looms for a cheap price. Not one person has finished a hat yet, but there are definitely people that are really close.
    Many people were hoping to finish by winter break and give them as gifts for the holiday, but our art teacher got too busy teaching people how to make hats that she said nobody could finish their hat by winter break. Many people in fifth grade were really inspired by hat-making.

Are you inspired?

Steven and his Ipad

            Stevens I Pad

    Our new student Steven has an I Pad that he uses at school to translate and for help with his English. Steven is from China and apparently does not like pandas. In the classroom is when Steven uses the I Pad. If you see Steven you will see him using his I Pad only when he needs it. He is good at that.
    Steven is at my table group and is very nice. If you get to know him then you would realize that he is more capable of things than you think.
  How would you greet a new student?

Math: Algebra Test

            Algebra Test:By:DJ

    On December 19. We had an algebra test. It was pretty difficult to do because you have to think back to the things you have learned. It's not something you can just think up right away. Unless your a math superhero.
    It was pretty fun because when you answered a question fast. It would make you feel like you know the whole test. This is good because it motivates you more. Tests take lots of thinking so you always have to think. Especially in algebra.
How was your last test?   

Glasses in 5B

    People Who Have Glasses

  Manny and me,BingBing both have new glasses.We got them because we couldn't see the smart board in math class.A lot of people already have glasses.
  Eva,Quinn,Shane,Aidan,and Kaleb all have glasses.There might be other people that have glasses,but that's everyone I know that has glasses in my class.
Do you have glasses?

How to Read Faster

    How to Read Books Faster by Manny

  Have you ever gotten an amazing book from the library but you never have time to read it and you were on page 75 when there was 300 pages AND there were only a few days left before you had to return it to the library? That situation stinks, and if that ever happened to you, today is your lucky day. I am going to teach you how to read books faster.
    The first step to reading books faster is that you need to find yourself time. Are you in GCC? Well, when they go outside for 35 minutes you have yourself some time to read. Also, when you are doing your grades activity and it is boring... read! You have 45 minutes to read. That's enough time to dig in to a juicy Harry Potters book or Sammy Keyes or whatever. Now, for the people who are not in GCC. If you finish your homework early, then read. Imagine this: You have soccer practice at 7 to 9 and you are already in your soccer clothes. You look at the clock. Then you say,"Oh my. It's only 5 o' clock. I better start reading." That is being a good person who finishes their homework early and uses their own time wisely so they have time to read. Be that person. If your busy the whole afternoon, and you say,"Ohhh darn it. After I finish homework, I have gymnastics for 2 hours, then I have to go Walmart with my parents. I'll never have time to read. The world is ENDING!!!!" I got a simple, easy, and wise way you can stop the dramatic stuff. Read in the car! But what if it's 5 minutes away, you ask? Well still read. 5 minutes is better than nothing!
    Step 2 for reading books faster is to take visits to the library or a bookstore. You don't have to be there to checkout a book, you could be there to get some quality time in a nice quiet place away from your loud and annoying siblings. This next part may sound weird, but if you see a book you're already reading and you remember what page you're on, pick it up and start reading. You need some time to relax and read your book, so why don't ya' just do it at the library or bookstore?
    I hope I helped you out with this common situation. It happens with a lot of people. But if this helped you so much your gonna do everything I said, you're on your way to starting and finishing books in the speed of a snap.  


Miss Juergens

     Miss Juergens by Manny

    Miss Juergens an awesome substitute teacher. Mrs.Barnes uses her a lot and when she comes, she already knows a bit about what we are doing. That's because she comes a lot in a short amount of time, so she already taught a little about what we are currently doing in school. One day, we struggled so much we focused on that the next few days. We wrote letters about what happened and we even had a wole powwow about it! But the next few times we did not perfect, but we did better than the last few times. Miss Juergens rocks.
    I'm going to tell you about her. She is funny and speaks her own opinion. She even said our transition from math to social studies sucks! I applauded her. So did other people. She also knows us very well. She knoes our personalities and what we like and stuff. Also our behavior. Sometimes I wish we would have better transitions, but I can't control the whole class. Also, Miss    Juergens has a lot of funny and interesting connections to what we are doing in school to her own life. I always listen with rapped attention. Doesn't she just sound awesome? Well, I hope you think she sounds as awesome as she is. Miss Juergens is the best substitute teacher I ever had. And now you know why.

Have you ever had a substitute as good as Ms. Juergens?

Book Review: 11 Birthdays

            11 Birthdays by Emma

    Have you ever been very board? Have you felt like there is nothing to do? Well why don't you read one of the greatest books ever... 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass! In this book, the main character's name is Amanda and she can't wait for her birthday but she doesn't know whats going to happen. Her birthday is not as great as she think It would be.
    The day after her birthday she realizes that something is not right. that thing is... wait I cant tell you. Your just going to have to read it to find out what happens.

        What do you think happens?

My Reading Life

     My Reading Life by Manny

      Do you guys like reading? Do you have a favorite book? Well, I like reading and I want to talk to you about my reading life. So far in non-fiction in IDR, I read How They Croaked. I like the Elizabeth 1st one. It was funny how she never married because her mother got beheaded by her husband just because she had a baby girl. Now, in my IDR fiction time, I'm reading either Warriors: A Dangerous Path or Adventure According to Humphrey. A Dangerous Path is the fifth book in the original series of Warriors. By December 18, I was currently on page 30. It is interesting and boring at the same time. Which stinks because at the beginning it is always boring but builds its way. Unlike Forest of Secrets. Anyway, in Adventure According to Humphrey, the kids in room 26 are learning about seas and oceans. They are going to build paper ships and decorate them with materials. Sometimes in science we are given materials to build a standing thing. I forgot the name. They might use paper clips, straws, spagetthi sticks, and tape and stuff like that. Then I found out that they will sail them at Potters Pond. Humphrey is going to ride on one of them but trouble happens. I'm not sure, but I'm sure it sounds interesting. That's my reading life.

What's yours like?

Book Review: Rising Storm

    Rising Storm by Manny

     Rising Storm by Erin Hunter was a great book. It started off slow, but quickly gained speed. That's how it is with Warriors. So this was the fourth book in the series. Fireheart holds an important job in the clan now. Throughout the book, Tigerclaw is mentioned. After he is driven from ThunderClan and is in exile, he lurks through the forest. He plans on killing every single cat in ThunderClan.

    The book is action packed I tell you. ACTION PACKED!!!! There is something that happens close to the end of the book that happens to ThunderClan. Also, there was a cliffhanger. ShadowClans leader died, so now there is a dark new leader right at the end of the book. Like, at the last sentence! The book started off boring for me, but in the book, there were cats that got hit by monsters on Thunderpath(it is a road that cats call it and the monsters are cars). Also, the leader Bluestar gets sick. Which is obviously not good. If you are on Forest of Secrets, hurry up with that other amazing book and get on with Rising Storm! One more thing, Fireheart and Tigerclaw meet in battle in the middle of the book. And a special friend who started it all comes to help(sorry if you thought it was a spoiler).

Do you think this books sounds good?



    As of now in math we are doing algebra in math. Our test is on Thursday the 19th. In this unit we have been doing real world problems and problems where you have to find the value of a variable. Also we have been doing hands on equations. That is where you are given pieces to represent the problem that you are working on. Last year in 4th grade we did hands on algebra too!
    We have covered many concepts such as: if x=6 then is the problem true. Things like that. In our practice packet we also have been doing work on algebra.

Do you like algebra or not? Why or Why not?

Book Review and Writing: Old Henry

Old Henry Letters
By:Abigail and Manny 

The other day in class our teacher Mrs.Barnes read us a book called Old Henry. Then Mrs.Barnes told us to write Henry a letter back telling him whether we think he should come back to his house or stay away. This letter was supposed to be from the mayor or a townsperson. A whole bunch of people in our class enjoyed it. Oh, by the way, he moved to Dakota. A lot of people liked his character. But I, Manny, did not. From what I’ve heard about the same number have wanted for Henry to stay as the same wanted for Henry to come back to his house.
The book started off where Henry moved in to a old bad looking house, but Henry liked it. Then the people who lived in the neighborhood started to complain about how his house looked. The neighborhood then started to be nice to Henry and they helped him with chores. Henry said NO! Finally one day Henry left a letter at his door that told the viewers that he had left for Dakota. So after the book finished, Mrs. Barnes told us to write a letter to Henry to stay in Dakota or come back.
Would you tell Henry to stay or to come back?

Toy and Food Collection

                       The Toy and Food Collection
                     By:Abigail and Manny

Currently at school we are holding a toy drive for kids at Cardinal Glennon. Everyone is encouraged to bring a toy but it is not a must do. The toy drive is only accepting new toys not used toys. Cardinal Glennon gives the toys the school collects to the kids who have a surgery scheduled or are in the waiting room. It is good to help and give to people in need to make them happier. In addition to what we have already said we want you to know that in our last Claymo we made blankets and cards for the kids in the hospital. The whole school tied loved in every knot that they made.
    Also there is a Operation Food Search drive going on. This means that the schools is also collecting canned food for a good cause. This is really cool how people are giving canned goods to people in need. Other people are good and nice to you so why don't you pass on the favor.At least 100 canned goods are sent to people a day. You should help others because one of the golden rules is DO GOOD ON TO OTHERS AS THEY SHALL DO GOOD ON TO YOU. It feels good to help others so do it. Around the school there have been paced blue bins that say: Operation Food Search on it. Every morning kids have been bringing in canned food to put in the basket. Its so easy. All you do is bring canned food to school, put in a blue bin at school and then you save a life. Its as easy and 1,2,3.  I like this idea. I enjoy how Glenridge really gives to people who are hungry and or hurt.

What can you do to help others in need?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Groups

            Book Groups by DJ

    Most grades have something called book groups. Its when groups of kids or adults read the same book but if there's multiple groups they usually read different books.
    Book groups are usually used to show fellow students thinking so you can relate to them. I personally like it because I can show what I got about my thinking and I like to take charge.

How would you like book groups?

Chocolate Milk

           Chocolate Milk! (yuck!) by Ned

A long time ago like December 1st my class started a debate on chocolate milk.
Mrs.Barnes (our teacher) got an email from Mrs.Scott
(our principal) that said:We are having a debate about chocolate milk.  We need your opinion on if we should keep it or not.
After we saw that email we realized that this was a coincidence to just have started the persuasive  writing unit.
The letters had to not be opinion based but fact based and the letters took a long time to make because we had to make them perfect and make sure there was no opinion in the piece of art.There was a for step process of finishing the writing piece: researching,drafting,typing,and revising.
This chocolate milk experience gave us a great taste of the persuasive unit.
What do you think?  Should we keep chocolate milk or get rid of it?

Do you like chocolate milk?


The Bus by DJ

            The Bus

    At our school we have a bus. It's a way of transportation. You can either get picked up by your parent, you can walk, or take the bus. A bus ride is about 30 minutes, but it feels like it takes an hour.
    On late start days, our bus time for pickup is an hour later. So if your time is 7:25, on a late start it would be 8:25. That's awesome  because everyone can use an extra hour of sleep. Do not forget to reset the your alarm clock an hour back.
    Most buses are yellow. The one I ride  is 23 feet long and only has 4 seats on each side the policy is 2 two a seat or one.
 Also buses have a first aid kit just in case. They have a radio for calling in important things or even simple things like, "I just left the school." Don't ever be scared to ride the bus.

What would you think if you rode the bus?

Mystery Skype

              Mystery Skype
    So far we have had 2 mystery skypes. A mystery skype is where two classes ask yes or no questions to find where the other class is located. Only the teachers know where the other class is located.
    We have jobs in a mystery skype. Here are some of the jobs:
                Think tank
                Question answers
                Google mappers
                Question keepers
                and more
    The greeters are the ones who ask and answer the questions. They get their answers from the question answers but they tell the other class the answer. The closure is the person who at the end say good job you found us in St.Louis. The Google mappers are the people who are online and are trying to locate where the other class is.If you want to know what any of the other jobs do then just post a comment.
    What job to you want to do in a mystery skype?

Mystery Skype

              MYSTERY SKYPE!
              By: MYA!

 Well, mystery skype is where Miss Barnes or your classroom teacher calls another teacher and talks to them and say if they want to skype our class.  Then your class has to ask yes or no questions and you can give hints.  If you get it right then your class wins and then you can always tell the other class, if they have to go to a different class period. For example they might have to go to science or go to P.E.

Also you will have jobs that have to do with the mystery skype and the jobs are:
The Greeter and the other one is the think tank and another job is that you can do the Google mappers and so on and so forth.

What do you think about the mystery skype do you think your teacher should try it or not?

Mystery Skype

MYSTERY Skype  by Tim

  On Tuesday the 26 of November, we hosted a Mystery Skype.  We were talking with a class from somewhere we didn't know, and we had to guess where we were before they guessed where we were. 
    We kind of won because we did guess to the accuracy of address, but we looked at the skype name (memorial school)  and once we guessed their state (Massachusetts)  and their city (Burlington)  we searched the name to find the school.  They eventually guessed our location, and we called it a draw.
    I think that all classes should have access to this.

What is your opinion?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reading Ladders

            Reading Ladders

    In library we have been working on our very own reading ladders. Most of you are now wondering what a reading ladder is so I will tell you. A reading ladder is a tool most good readers use to find books they like. Lets say you read a book on pandas and you want to find more books about pandas. So now is when you go to a reading ladder. First you find a reading ladder about pandas or the topic of your choice. Then you start from the bottom and make you way up the list of books.
    The bottom book is the essayist, and the higher you get on the reading ladder the more complicated the books get. At school we have been making reading ladders on the topic of our choice. I chose mine to be on the author Mary Downing Hahn. We are required  to read at least five books off of our ladder.
    What topic would be on your ladder?

Book Review: Sisters Grimm

            Sisters Grimm


Sisters Grimm is a book series by Michael Buckley. It is a series of 9 very good books. Sisters Grimm is about two girls who have been transported from the orphanage to their grandmother. The girls have a hard time adjusting and a lot happened to them. I think you should read this series because it had a lot of fun fairy tale characters but in more mature form. These girls go on many adventures.
    I cant tell you too much so I'll stop there. I can tell you how I feel about the book. I see the book as an adventure and a thriller. There are some parts were you just want to go hug your mom, and there are parts where you are laughing your head off. The book series tells a story that no other book tells. The book is written in a very special I cant describe.
What is your favorite fairy tale person/thingy? 

Book Review: 39 Clues

            39 Clues

    The 39 clues is a book series. This series is about two kids named Amy and Dan. These kids go all around the world on a quest to find the 39 Clues. Amy and Dan find out about their family tree on their journey or race you could call it.
    Their family is separated into branches. I cant tell you the branches because that would be a spoiler alert. Amy is not shy but she does not like to be in crowds or be filmed. Dan on the other hand likes to be around and has very unlike hobbies.
Would you accept the 39 clue challenge?

Chocolate Milk Essays

            Chocolate Milk Essays

    The whole class of 5B was assigned the task of writing a persuasive essay about weather chocolate milk should stay at the Glenridge cafeteria or not. As of now we are still working on our essays. One of the expectations was to have no opinion in our essays and the essay based off of facts.
    Our chocolate milk essays are supposed to state a claim of weather based off of facts that we believe chocolate milk should stay or go. From what I have heard it is about even. About the same number of people think chocolate milk should stay and the same number of people think chocolate milk should go.
Do you think chocolate milk should stay or go?

Non-Fiction Reading

            NF Reading

    NF reading stands for non-fiction reading. In reading as of now we are doing a unit on non-fiction reading. We are required to at school read a non fiction book. The class has picked many different books to read. One of the most popular books in our class in How They Croaked. This is a book about how many famous people died.
 Some of the class has read over two non-fiction books cover to cover.
    Also as a class we are reading non fiction books. Almost every day according to our schedule we have reading and a reading lesson. During that lesson our teacher Mrs.B reads us different types of non fiction books. The class enjoys being read aloud to.
Would you like a book to be written about how you died?

Book Review: How They Croaked

        How They Croaked

            By: Sarah

    Right now in our class there is this really popular book called How They Croaked. It's about how famous people died. That might sound really weird and gross, but it is really interesting. It also has weird facts in it about people that you may have never known.
    In some cases people don't like non-fiction, but this is non-fiction in a story form. So it's the story on how the person died. Some of the people in the book are... Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Christopher Columbus, Marie Antoinette, and many other famous people. I think that you should consider reading this book.

Who is you favorite famous dead person?

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Party

Another trailer never to be released . . . . . . .

Claymo: Shirts

         Signing Claymo Shirts

    On the last Claymo we received our new colorful Claymo shirts. Everyone put them on and showed their friends. Also many kids took the opportunity to sign their friends shirts. Which means with a sharpie you write your name on the back of the shirt.
    During Claymo we made blankets for kids at the hospital. Also we made the kids at the hospital cards that said some reinforcing message.

What can you do to help sick children at the hospital?

Biography: Betty Birney

 Biography 1:Betty G. Birney by Manny

    Betty G.Birney is from St.Louis and she is a writer. She is most popular for writing her books about the loved and thoughtful classroom hamster Humphrey. I love those books. The books in order are:
1. The World According To Humphrey
2. Friendship According to Humphrey
3. Trouble According to Humphrey
4. Surprises According to Humphrey
5. Adventures According to Humphrey
6. Summer According to Humphrey
7. Schools Days According to Humphrey
The rest are about winter, mysteries and secrets I'm pretty sure.
    Once, she came to Glenridge to tell kids about her books about Humphrey. They are popular to me and to alot of other kids in the middle grades. She is an awesome writer and a big inspiration. Fun Fact: She won an Emmy. Now you know a little about Betty G. Birney. I hope you think she is as awesome as I do. 

Do you think she's still writing?

Book Review: Summer According to Humphrey

Books:Summer According to Humphrey by Manny

    Hello. Welcome to my third book review. Have you ever read any of the According to Humphrey books? Summer According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney is the great book we will be talking about today. So since schools out, Humphrey is going to summer camp with his old teacher, Ms.Mac. At the beginning of the series, Ms.Mac gets him from Pet-O-Rama. Now, he completed his first year as a class room hamster. So he misses his human friends. But then Humphrey sees some of them like Gail, Garth, AJ, Sayeh and Miranda, just to name a few. 
    In this book, I see alot of character growth. Like in Brad, he was acting like a jerk in the camp parts at the beginning. He was all like "My old camp pretty much a zoo and this is just an animal house" and "Humphrey's just a little hamster." I got angry at him. But then he began making friends with Gail and learned to support his own cabin mates. Also, Sayeh was nervous for the Camp Games because she feels like she is not good enough. But Sayeh ends up doing a good job in certain things, like the nature test. Gail was really missing her best friend Heidi and she was writing letters to her every day. Once, she cried because she missed her so much. Even though I would never do that in 1,000,000 years, I can relate to that. Missing friends over the long course of a summer. Gail soon learns to have fun and like I said, makes friends with Brad. Miranda was always being her lovely, caring and golden self. When the winners of the Camp Games were announced, her team did not win, but she was happy anyway.
    Humphrey makes good friends with Goldenrod, and Humphrey has his own adventure. Summer is crazy, and this book proves it. If you love adventure and reading about summer AND reading from an animals point of view, read this book.