Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Claymo: Claymo is very fun and we get to do kind things
Leader: Being a leader is a very fun job. Kindergardeners are cute. My sister is loud. 4th graders are nice and helpful.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Pond

Brother and I went to the pond to skate. I had never skated before, and It wasn't easy, but I soon got the hang of it. Brother was doing tricks and spins and cool other things. Pretty soon, Brother left the pond for home, leaving me alone on the ice. I stood still for a while, but soon the sharp ice broke beneath me. The cold had gotten right into my bones when I heard my brother screaming for help. My mother soon came to the rescue. I held on to a rope as she towed me to safety.


It’s here, Christmas.
Reindeer roaming, snowflakes snowing.
What a jolly time of year!
Santa is coming down the chimney, leering if there are presents here.
Kids fleering snowballs all over the place.
you may even hear him leering down the chimney
What a jolly time of year,
My time is done here.

DINO 100 wc ken

The cold had got right into my bones when I stepped right into the Dinosaur world. I looked behind me a Giganotosaurus was standing right behind me. It was 18 feet tall and 46 feet long it was drooling I saw its knife shaped teeth. But it turned its toward a young Argentinosaurus it was huge the Argentinosaurus was 50 feet long and 30 feet tall. The Giganotosaurus charged toward the big sauropod it killed the gentle giant. The beast feasted on the poor giant. The world went pitch black I woke up on a huge big green white bed.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Iris and I are the CLAYMO leaders in our group. We read a book called The Tale of Despereaux about being courageous. The main character Despereaux had a lot of courage. I think the kids besides my sister MOLLY liked it. Molly went to the safe seat. She was imitating people and being annoying.  

Our group made a list of ways you can be courageous like standing up to bullies. We also worked together to make a poster about being courageous. It had a castle and Despereaux on it. Mr. Manley hung it in the lunch room.  

Are YOU courageous?  


Friday, December 11, 2015

Claymo by Robert

By Robert
It is going well being a Claymo leader.I’ve learned that I am a fearless speaker and patient.My students are well behaved and rarely get off task and it is easy to keep them controlled.

What is challenging about being Claymo leader is to have confidence in my decisions.What is also challenging is to not read every word on the sheet during the lesson.

I ensured that my whole group understood the big idea by asking questions and making sure people were listening.

Some of my goals include not reading the whole lesson out loud for three Claymo lessons and don’t hesitate to call on somebody.

CLAYMO By: Drake

CLAYMO By: Drake

Claymo , is a nice peaceful time kind of like life skills where you express and learn something new!.Learning something peaceful or helping to better understand how the world should be , and how to spread out like a salad bowl.The meaning of the whole thing (or the main Idea) is to just think how you could be a better person and give a helping hand to others.And almost on every claymo assembly or class it requires teamwork for cooperating.And it is really fun especially when you work with other grades , and maybe even help them if you are a leader.

Being a CLAYMO Leader By: Sonali

10-12-15 (Dec. 10)’s CLAYMO lesson was about courage. We as CLAYMO leaders, asked our groups, “What is courage?”

My group only had one response -- Courage is a mix of confidence and bravery. We discussed examples of courage in our lives such as first learning to swim and the first day of school (as well as other firsts), sharing projects in front of a class, and staying calm during a lightning storm. For any of these, we discussed the need to remain calm, being yourself and trying your best. That’s all you really need to be courageous!

At the end of the day, every CLAYMO group made their own mural about The Tale of Despereaux (by Kate Dicamillo) and how Despereaux was courageous. We included pictures of Despereaux holding a needle/sword, a castle, and a cauldron named, “Soup of Courage.”

In the end, everyone had an idea of how to be courageous.

“Being a CLAYMO leader is nothing to fear. Speak loudly so everyone can hear.”


Claymo Reflection

What it Means to be a Claymo Leader by Aidan

I think it means to be a claymo leader that you have 4 other grades that look up to you and you have to watch your every move. You feel like a teacher when your up there teaching the lesson to the kids, it feels good. The fact that you have to plan the lesson and sometimes try and get the kids under control. Now i know how a teacher feels if you know what i mean. But over all i think it is fun to get up there and be a teacher. But sometimes it's hard to go up there because sometimes your unorganized. So that's what it means to be a claymo leader to me.
Would you like to be a claymo leader?   


Today's Lesson In Claymo was how the mouse, Despereaux showed courage in A lot of things.

We made a mural and we hung it outside of our door. Some things that were hard on me was that my partner was in Texas and I had to be all alone, which was very scary since I was not trained to be alone. It was really fun watching Mrs.Hagene read us The tale of Despereaux. I look forward to meeting them again and doing more stuff and looking at are poster. The mural is about our courage.

Claymo by Devon


claymo was okay...the kids listened well and received the info well,the mural went well except for the fact that our envelope didn’t get the body of despereaux,so we taped on a body-less mouse head . at the beginning of claymo we did not have the markers or the crayons so the 4th graders went to get some,then the teacher could not find the video,then she did.then we couldn’t find the example mural,until I looked in the envelope and found it.then we ran out of time so me and Harry stayed after and glued everything onto the mural.how hectic was your claymo?

Claymo by Lily

Today at claymo we taught a lesson about the book The Tale of Despereaux. It was about having courage and doing things even if they are scary. In the story Despereaux was told to never read a book but he had courage and he did it. He was also scared to save the princess but he was brave and he did it.

We asked kids what they did that was courageous and we wrote it down on a sheet of paper. We glued that on a poster along with Despereaux’s head, the princess’s castle, the soup of courage and someone drew on Despereaux’s body. Overall it was a really fun hands on experience for all the kids and it sponsored our schools book.


                                                                                    CLAYMO   By: Ethan

Today CLAYMO was amazing. Part of it was that me and my fellow CLAYMO partner were very prepared. We knew who was saying what and what was going to happen at what time. Another reason we felt that it was so amazing was that our group really stayed on task and that they were participating in the conversation. We thought are final poster (mural) looked really good because everyone contributed and knew what to do. Usually our group is a little more wild because my fellow partner and I aren’t usually as prepared. I feel like my group really got the message today and that everyone at the end had a better understanding of courage then when they first got there. I think even some members in our group were showing courage. For example one student in my group speaks very little english and today I could tell she was showing courage by trying to talk to me even though it might have been scary because she doesn't speak our language.
A goal I have is to continuing being prepared physically and mentally because it can be scary leading a group sometimes. One way I will try to do this is by making sure I go over the script once or twice the night before. Another way I want to do this is by creating a better relationship with my partner because that way I know if I mess up she’s got my back and that would make me feel a lot better about making mistakes. I also want her to know that if she messes up that I have her back and that should help her feel better if she makes a mistake. I have learned a little bit about myself from this experience and one thing I learned is that I am a better leader than I thought I was, and you have to be to do something like this. For example I have a little kid that doesn't speak english so I have to help her sometimes even though we can't communicate very well.

Would it be scary for you if you had to lead a CLAYMO group?

Awesome Claymo Day

Today we had another great Claymo lesson that was based on the book the tale of Despereaux. We watched a video of the story read by our librarian, and made a mural to put up in the school. The mural we made was to say how even if we have fears or are nervous we need to be courageous. During my time so far as a Claymo leader, I have have learned that I have the ability to teach a group of kids and teach myself at the same time! One thing that is going well in my Claymo group is how everyone listens to one another and doesn’t goof off. They are an awesome group of kids! A challenge that still lingers in my group is a lack of ideas when we have a project to do. I usually am the one who has to come up with ideas. Our lesson today was about being courageous. I made sure my group understood the big idea of this lesson by explaining that being courageous isn’t just about being brave. It is about standing up for what you think is right, or keeping your beliefs even if it is unpopular to do so. I am so excited for our future meetings, but I do have some goals for my team. My goal for my team is to get better at thinking up ideas. I will try to make this happen by not thinking up ideas myself, but letting them do it all on their own -( with a tiny bit of help.) I am so happy I have the team I do, and I can’t wait to see what we do next. “Yay”!!!

                    How do you think Claymo helps students on teams and fifth grade leaders become better people in this world?

CLAYMO Catastrophe

CLAYMO Catastrophe
Twas’ the few long LONG hours before the end of school, It was a CLAYMO day and, as fifth graders we have the (Enormous) responsibility of leading a CLAYMO (Care Lots About Yourself And Many Others) Group. Now this all goes well when your group is calm… But  when they're not… Well, you'll’ find out.The night before we were given our CLAYMO lesson/script to read over at home. (I had sports practices until 7:00 plus the drive home so 8:00 so I [sadly] didn’t have the time to read over the lesson and I had no idea what to expect) I’m not going to explain me whole day to you so let's skip to the good stuff. The announcements come on and Mrs.Scott says “4th and 5th graders go to your single group classrooms.” and the 5th grade hall becomes the 5th grade Death trap everyone is racing in and out of classrooms grabbing their lanyards and buckets and kids headed to their claymo rooms with their supplies. me and lilly (my CLAYMO group leader partner) head to Mrs.Schuh’s classroom. And, She had a sub. Subs don't get the computer so we didn't know how we were going to play the video (But we had that conversation in the hallway [forgetting that Mrs.Miller comes down and helps with the group]) we walk into the classroom and find Mrs.Miller standing there with the computer AND with the video pulled up I asked her to plug the computer into the (not so) smart board and I sat down In the red rocking chair by the rug and wait for everyone to come down to the classroom when everyone got there we started with the CLAYMO promise “I promise to take good care of myself, all the people around me and all the things around me”. Then I realised that for some (unknown) reason a fourth grader came in with a notebook that he was sitting there and drawing in it NOT EVEN LISTENING TO THE LESSON. We stopped and turned on the video with the librarian Ms.Hagene reading the shortened version of the Tale of Despereaux but there was light coming from the window brightening the screen so the class couldn't see I tried to cover it up as much as I could but some of the kids in the class were getting frustrated with me because they couldn't see the LEAST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SCREEN so I moved back and sat on a stool and tried to cover it up with a piece of paper, didn’t work so the sub came up behind me took the paper held it up AND IT WORKED but her arm got tired… but apparently there was blinds on the window that she put down, problem solved. but the screen was all bright, I really didn’t want to fix it so we left it the way it was.We assigned jobs and lilly helped the kinder gardeners write the title of the poster. when they were done they went to the carpet to write different examples of courage on a paper that we would glue onto the poster. But kindergarteners don't want to do that, they want to do somersaults! As they did that (and lilly allowed it) everyone else worked on the poster. One by one the kids working on the poster left until it was just  me, a 4th grader, a 3rd grader, and a 2nd grader. at the very last moment we glued the last piece of paper on.

This CLAYMO lesson was very hectic, confusing, annoying, and frustrating.

As a CLAYMO leader I think that I need to  work on controlling the class, I did a very bad job on that. I also need to work on communicating with my partner.

wilson blog claymo


Claymo is A group of students that come and meet up once A month there are about 2 kids from each grade Level [k-5]. But when you are in 5th grade you can lead that group and you are considered the claymo leader. but sometimes being A leader is hard because you have to talk in front of kids, and you have to double check to make sure that you are doing the right thing because all of the kids look up to you.
But being A leader takes A lot of work you have to trained to be A leader. This is A claymo retreat. This happens in the first or second week of school. You go and learn about teamwork and other very important rules in life.

I love claymo because I get to hear lots of ideas. Would you want to be A claymo leader?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Claymo by Ava

CLAYMO Leader Experience.

by Ava

In 4th grade, I was so excited to be a CLAYMO leader.  But I was also super nervous because it is a big job and you have to be responsible and be careful, AND be able to calm down kids who feel left out of are confused. But now that I know how to do all of those things, I feel like I am almost a pro at this kind of thing! (Notice how I said ALMOST…) One thing that I would like to happen is more time to prepare. We usually get a sheet, go home and read it while taking notes, but we do not get to practice with real life kids! And you do not have the materials at home to test it to make sure you are doing the right thing… I just  sometimes think that there is  some kind  of pressure,and by pressure, I mean if you mess up in front of your CLAYMO group, they will WATCH you mess up. I have done it so many times… Once, I accidentally said the Pledge Of Allegiance instead of the CLAYMO promise! I was very embarrassed

My goals for future meetings are to notice if a little kid is frustrated when we are doing a group project. Because today, one 3rd grader got frustrated because he got a job that was small and he felt that other kids got better jobs than him. So I decided that he should help with the big jobs.
Another goal for the future is to be more confident, because I am always very nervous when we are about to do a CLAYMO meeting. Like today. I was practically shaking because I was scared that I was going to mess up. But you just have to take deep breaths before you say hello to your group.

I wonder if I am doing a good job being a CLAYMO leader? I wonder what I can do to change?

Today, We did a project with the book  The Tale Of Despereaux. We showed a video about courage, and how Despereaux had the courage to shine light on an evil mouse… Well,we basically talked about courage and examples of courage. At the end, we all made a poster about the book and we used objects from the book. There was a cauldron saying “Courage Soup” and there was Despereaux’s head that the little kids colored and there was a castle, and a book.

I would say that being a CLAYMO leader taught me about responsibility, and curiousness. I am excited about future meetings, and learning more about my group.

Claymo Blog Entry

Claymo Blog
By: Iris

I have learned that I am good at telling the group what to do and making sure everybody is having fun. What I think is going well that people are cooperating together well, and I think Ben and I are good at making sure we are on time. What is still hard for me is getting the group under control and making sure they are following directions. I made sure that my that my group is understanding the big idea by telling them what to do when they got confused. My goals for the future are trying to get them under control and making sure that they do not play or talk when we are talking. I hope that we will have a fun time together.

Claymo blog entry home work

   Claymo Lesson
                                    By Ken  
I have enjoyed being a claymo leader because I get to teach others about peace and courage and etc. I also liked working with the younger kids. I am looking forward to future claymo lessons. Everyone rarely disrupts a claymo and I think so far everything is good and well.  The claymo lesson on  december 10th was to teach the kids to do something courageous and overcome their fears. The big idea was to make the kids do something they had never done and be courageous when their doing something they have a fear have.

I think the Tale of Despereaux was supposed to inspire the kids to do something courageous like what Despereaux did in the book. My goal for future  claymo lessons is to be more confident when I am reading my lines because I sometimes tremble on my notes. I going to make this happen by reading it more slowly and focus on the claymo lesson. My next goal is to help others. To make this happen by helping others when they need help and when they are struggling.

I wonder what the other Claymo lessons are gonna be about?


by: Elaine

    This is the third time we, as Claymo leaders had Claymo! Our lesson was about courage, using the book The Tale of Despereaux as an example. While it was fun helping the others in our Claymo group work on a project relating to the lesson, it was very hard. We didn’t have all of the materials, including one critical one that could have spared us plenty of confusion. Also, the lesson wasn’t very clear on some things. There was one page that made no sense until the Claymo Prep and there was this picture that we just could not find. To me it was very stressful. If you were in this situation, would you have been stressed out too?

Claymo by Mitchell

Being a claymo leader is not as hard as you think. Some kids make it easy and some kids make it hard. Some days you don’t want to end and some days go on forever. The kindergarteners are so cute they don’t know what to do so they do whatever, it is so cute. The fourth graders are paying so much attention because they know that they are going to do this next. o I try to be a good claymo leader so maybe they will be good claymo leaders too. I hoped you enjoyed and good bye!        

Monday, December 7, 2015

100WC, too high

The rope was too high I couldn't reach it. Monsters were running at me. Then I woke up in the ocean. A saltwater crocodile was swimming toward it bit. Then I woke in the Amazon a Jaguar came out of nowhere its eyes were gleaming red. I woke up in the dinosaur world a T.Rex was chasing me I was running for my life! A leaf was over my head it was huge! I tried to climb up it but it was too high. Then a Triceratops gobbled up the huge leaf. Then the T.rex bit me.


It was to high I could not reach the spear to kill the sting Rays and the sharks. Even if I have to serve 1 year in jail. I don't know what they are even doing they are just killing a phenomenal creature that will be soon extinct. We got to stop killing these creatures. If everyone just stopped eating meat and cheese for one day it would save more animals. Do not eat shark fin soup they just cut the fins of the shark and they let it drown in pain just for people to have money. Stop.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Ava

The Derpy llama was very sacred to the Disney family. That is why Ava is so obsessed with Derp faces and llamas. It all started when the Disney’s first Disney Lamberting the third was getting attacked by an evil llama. But then the llama called for backup and then disappeared.
But then, A nice llama apologized for all of the llamas behavior and then flew away. That left Lamberting with a derpy smile spred accross his face. He also was a spy for llama inc. 10 years later. So that is why Ava Disney is very obsessed with llamas and Derp faces. It is littarley in her blood! :P

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Noise

I pulled the blankets over my head and closed my eyes. I briefly dozed off but I was awakened by a melody coming from upstairs. It was pretty, but quiet, so I tried to sleep. A few more seconds in dreamland when I heard it again, this time louder. I covered my ear with a pillow and fell asleep again. Minutes later, there it was! This time it was extremely loud. My head really ached from the music. I jumped out of bed and ran to the attic. I carefully opened the door to find an alien playing a flute!