Thursday, December 10, 2015

Claymo blog entry home work

   Claymo Lesson
                                    By Ken  
I have enjoyed being a claymo leader because I get to teach others about peace and courage and etc. I also liked working with the younger kids. I am looking forward to future claymo lessons. Everyone rarely disrupts a claymo and I think so far everything is good and well.  The claymo lesson on  december 10th was to teach the kids to do something courageous and overcome their fears. The big idea was to make the kids do something they had never done and be courageous when their doing something they have a fear have.

I think the Tale of Despereaux was supposed to inspire the kids to do something courageous like what Despereaux did in the book. My goal for future  claymo lessons is to be more confident when I am reading my lines because I sometimes tremble on my notes. I going to make this happen by reading it more slowly and focus on the claymo lesson. My next goal is to help others. To make this happen by helping others when they need help and when they are struggling.

I wonder what the other Claymo lessons are gonna be about?

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