Thursday, December 3, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Ava

The Derpy llama was very sacred to the Disney family. That is why Ava is so obsessed with Derp faces and llamas. It all started when the Disney’s first Disney Lamberting the third was getting attacked by an evil llama. But then the llama called for backup and then disappeared.
But then, A nice llama apologized for all of the llamas behavior and then flew away. That left Lamberting with a derpy smile spred accross his face. He also was a spy for llama inc. 10 years later. So that is why Ava Disney is very obsessed with llamas and Derp faces. It is littarley in her blood! :P


  1. Thank Goodness! I had no idea why you were into derp faces (wink wink). I love how you made it seem like a fable!

  2. I agree with Claudia. Also ......... DERP! ;P

  3. I agree with Claudia. Also ......... DERP! ;P