Friday, December 11, 2015


                                                                                    CLAYMO   By: Ethan

Today CLAYMO was amazing. Part of it was that me and my fellow CLAYMO partner were very prepared. We knew who was saying what and what was going to happen at what time. Another reason we felt that it was so amazing was that our group really stayed on task and that they were participating in the conversation. We thought are final poster (mural) looked really good because everyone contributed and knew what to do. Usually our group is a little more wild because my fellow partner and I aren’t usually as prepared. I feel like my group really got the message today and that everyone at the end had a better understanding of courage then when they first got there. I think even some members in our group were showing courage. For example one student in my group speaks very little english and today I could tell she was showing courage by trying to talk to me even though it might have been scary because she doesn't speak our language.
A goal I have is to continuing being prepared physically and mentally because it can be scary leading a group sometimes. One way I will try to do this is by making sure I go over the script once or twice the night before. Another way I want to do this is by creating a better relationship with my partner because that way I know if I mess up she’s got my back and that would make me feel a lot better about making mistakes. I also want her to know that if she messes up that I have her back and that should help her feel better if she makes a mistake. I have learned a little bit about myself from this experience and one thing I learned is that I am a better leader than I thought I was, and you have to be to do something like this. For example I have a little kid that doesn't speak english so I have to help her sometimes even though we can't communicate very well.

Would it be scary for you if you had to lead a CLAYMO group?

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