Friday, December 11, 2015

Being a CLAYMO Leader By: Sonali

10-12-15 (Dec. 10)’s CLAYMO lesson was about courage. We as CLAYMO leaders, asked our groups, “What is courage?”

My group only had one response -- Courage is a mix of confidence and bravery. We discussed examples of courage in our lives such as first learning to swim and the first day of school (as well as other firsts), sharing projects in front of a class, and staying calm during a lightning storm. For any of these, we discussed the need to remain calm, being yourself and trying your best. That’s all you really need to be courageous!

At the end of the day, every CLAYMO group made their own mural about The Tale of Despereaux (by Kate Dicamillo) and how Despereaux was courageous. We included pictures of Despereaux holding a needle/sword, a castle, and a cauldron named, “Soup of Courage.”

In the end, everyone had an idea of how to be courageous.

“Being a CLAYMO leader is nothing to fear. Speak loudly so everyone can hear.”


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