Friday, October 30, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Ben


She just wouldn’t stop crying. Her name was Olivia. She went to the hospital and sprained her foot I think. Or something like that, but when I got back to our house she was next to my brother. She had ice on her foot. My brother sprained his arm. His name is Sam. They both flipped over their bike and I saw both of them do it. Olivia did it when my dad was there but we were way ahead of dad. He flipped. I didn’t know what to do. I just stared at him. My cousin called my dad.

100 Word Challenge by Lily

100 Word Challenge by Lily

Our day started as a normal day but when the night stars came up our whole world was shaken. I woke up at 7:34 AM and When I went downstairs my mom was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee sitting on the couch. She looked upset so I asked her what was wrong. She looked up at me and started crying. I wondered why she was so upset. She just wouldn’t stop crying.
“Mom, What is wrong?” I asked.

She sniffled  then replied Daddy was in afghanistan trying to disable a bomb and he, he died. She continued to cry and I joined. That was the worst moment in my life.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Elaine

Number 1
...she just wouldn’t stop crying...

I ran fast, my heart pounding, my shoes slapping the pavement. My pursuers were everywhere. Or, if I was lucky they would all be running behind me, tripping over each other. But I knew my friends that were playing the game “Infected” weren’t stupid. I kept running, my breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly something was wrong. Where was the sound of everyone else? I turned and nobody was following me. Everyone was crowded around a little girl. She just wouldn’t stop crying. I nudged through the crowded and asked “What was wrong?” Then I blinked. And everyone was gone.

Personal Narrative - Hovercraft by Ethan

                                                                                             By: Ethan
Building good relationships with your family is important. I’m lucky enough to have a great one with my grandpa.
We get on the highway. VRRM! I hear the sounds of motorcycles I.’m not very exited. I think about what I’m going to do today by myself because my grandma is probably at a book talk or at church. I have a great idea I’m hoping my grandpa will have time to do it with me today.
I think of all of this while a blur of colors blows by me. It looks super cool a mixture of green and blue from the sky and trees. My grandpa is very fun to be with when he doesn't have to work.
One time when I was 5 I went over to grandpa’s house. My mom dropped me off at the front door like usual. But this time my grandma came to the front door. When I got inside I didn’t see my grandpa so I knew he was working. My grandma snuck up behind me and said “I have to go to church. I can turn the T.V. on and make you some popcorn if you want.”
“Ok” I said. Pop! Pop! I hear the popcorn in the other room. so for the next 2 hours I sat on the couch wishing my grandpa didn’t have to work. When my grandpa is here we usually play a lot of pingpong. I am lucky enough to have a great grandpa who is very funny and kind. I have always dreamed of being able to build things with him in the future.
We pull into the driveway and I see my grandpa coming out of the door my mom drops me off. “Have fun E”, she said.
“Love you too” but she doesn't hear me thankfully otherwise I probably would have been grounded. I get up to the front steps and hug my grandpa.
We go inside and I take in the smell. It smells like fresh baked cookies. I think well grandma’s home or was a couple of minutes ago because my grandpa doesn't bake. I ask him if grandma is home and he told me that she is asleep. It was then that I ask him if we can build a hovercraft if he doesn't have any work to do. He says “let's do it!” He knows I love when he says it because it sounds just like the Nike quote just do it.
When we get outside we go into the garage. The garage is always cramped and dirty but there is a small work bench with a bunch of tools. I love that tiny workbench. I love it so much that I almost ran up to it and hugged it. We got to work. VROOM! The saws were so loud I thought I might go deaf. didn’t realize how long we had been working. “Grandpa how long have we been working?”
About 2 hours” he replied. I stifled a curse, my mom would be back soon. After that we worked as fast as we could. We didn’t need to talk are hands did that for us. We were like 2 well oiled machines that were programed to work together. SCREECH! My mom pulled into the driveway. I hadn’t even tried it out yet. I needed a distraction, I thought for a moment, Grandma! “Wait one moment grandpa I will be right back.”
I went to go find grandma, I ran down the hall. There she was on the computer. “Grandma I need your help.”
“What for?”
“I need you to start a conversation with my mom so Grandpa and I can finish what we're building.”
“Fair enough, I’ll be right there.”
“Thanks, your the best.” I run back outside and back into the garage. We started working on our hovercraft again but this time are hands were like fire spreading in a forest fire. I worked furiously because my grandpa was starting to get tired and he can’t work very fast when he is tired. “Grandpa are you okay?” A minute later he responds with an I’m good. I see my grandma come out, she has two cups of honey flavored tea and chocolate chip cookies in her hands.
We put on the finishing touches.
I run back inside to tell them that were done, and that I want them to come and watch. I could tell my mom was just getting comfortable because she was reluctant to get up, but she did. when they got outside I put the hovercraft on the driveway and turned it on.
Timeout! Let me clear something up before we get to the end of my AWESOME story. This isn’t a very cool hovercraft like the one’s in star wars but you do what you can with limited resources and time, but I’m tellin ya if we had more time because of my awesomenis it would've looked better than any star wars hovercraft guaranteed.
Back to the story I turned on the hovercraft and it started to hover. I think it’s really working. I was so excited that I almost ran into a car. I was having so much fun I didn’t even realize how much time flew by. “Come on E” my mom said. I hustled back to the garage to help clean up. “Can I keep it grandpa?”
“Sorry buddy, maybe next time.” He says, But that's alright with me because I will always have it in my heart.

100 word challenge: Iris

Missing Them

It was a silent eerie night,everything was quiet, except for a small hill.At the top was a girl and her mother.The girl would not stop crying.Her mother tried to stop her from crying but her attempts failed.The girl had just lost her beloved father and grand parents.Her father a soldier died in the war.Her grandparents taken away by DEATH,(old age).She missed her father very much.And her grandparents missed by all who knew them.Her mother comforted her as much as possible,but it did not help at all.But at least she had her mother.Then with a swoosh of wind,she was just a memory.

100 word challenge: Devon

The Last Straw

She just wouldn't stop crying.the blood was running down her face, the man was still hitting
her with the baseball bat. The tears and blood mixed on her face looking like Hawaiian punch
you could drink off her.She looked at the man,
who when she did, hit her again....but this one was a critical hit.She slumped onto the floor,
screaming,crying,dying.The bat was now dyed red with blood,the spitting image of her the time he swung the bat to swing again,she wasn't breathing,her body stayed still on the ground.

by the time he realized he killed her,she was dead.

100 word challenge: Wilson

My sister

I was at my friends  house and my sister had ran into the wall and she would not stop crying. I was trying everything to make her stop but she just wouldn’t stop crying  I was just getting more and more frustrated and the more she cried the madder I got. Finally I could not take it so I ran up stairs and got my dad. But I knew that I would be the one to blame but I could not take her any more and my dad gave me a dirty look but then I went straight to bed.

100 Word Challenge: Riley

Break Up
she just wouldn't stop crying. she was wailing screaming chucking her shoes at the wall. well that comes later.
it was a wonderful quiet afternoon and then… it happened. by now you are probably wondering what this “it” is. this “it” is my sister. i hear the screeching of the car tiers. she jiggled the keys in the door and slams the door open she ran into her room not even closed the door. and she just wouldn't stop crying. she was wailing,screaming, she picked up anything she could reach and threw it. she broke up with her boyfriend.

100 word challenge: Claudia

The Voice: by Claudia

I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for her to open her mouth. The coaches were facing away from her, ready to listen. Then she sang. Her voice was so beautiful. She was only seven, but she sounded like an adult. As soon as the first note came out of her mouth, two huge chairs flung around with surprised grins. I saw a single tear drip down her face. After the first verse another two chairs flung around. By the end of the song she was a complete mess. She just wouldn't stop crying. It was amazing. 

The Last Ski Trip by Robert

 The Last Ski Trip By Robert  

The snowy ground shook as I thundered  through.The cool colorado spring felt nice.My skis dented the snow.A little after I flew downhill.                                                   

whisk!zoom!I was skiing downhill.I was flying down.I enjoyed the view of keystones snowy ground as I went down.The  freedom of the spring break felt nice.

The hill that I was skiing on was snowy white.The snow glistened under the cool spring sun.The snow dented as the skis rushed down.I enjoyed the snow as I went.Rainbow stop!I called.

back down I went.I hoped I didn’t have to  walk with my skis pointing outward and the back of the skis pointing inward down the flat part.Luckily I had enough speed so I passed the flat part.I went up a side of a hill and back down.I was sweating under the sun.Poof! snow rushed up to meet my face.

I got up and skied the bumpy hill.Shoot I thought I’m going to hit a tree!I barely missed the tree and face planted in the snow.ouch I thought I wouldn’t ski that again.Because I couldn’t.

Dang I thought what can I do?Well I thought there is nothing I can do.I snapped back to reality and climbed up.I skied to what they called the tornado.It was a circle with barricades not all the way around but in a semi circle with a entrance.

I skied around and got out.I shouted rainbow stop!I got to skiing.The first bridge was nearing!A little after I crossed the bridge!

A while later I saw the bridge to town.It was way out in the distance.But still I could see it!I was excited & sad that the ski trip was finally over!I rushed down to the bridge. The bridge was big wooden bridge.A little after I crossed the bridge.I loved Colorado but I knew that Colorado wasn’t where I belonged. 1 hour later I was sitting on the plane wishing that I could ski forever.                                  

100 word challenge: Robert

She just wouldn’t stop crying. Crack! The bicycle toppled on her. Her left leg was laid on the ground useless. She tried to get up, she discovered that her left leg was broken.

Horror flooded through her as she tried to lift the bike off of her.  She screamed help me!  No one answered her calls.  What can I do?  she thought.

She decided to try scooting home.  She tried but she was already tired.  She called hello anyone here?  She heard sirens.  Maybe they are coming for me she thought.

She remembered she had have a cell phone Yes!

100 Word Challenge: Drake

100 Word Challenge

I slowly started to walk down the spiral staircase There he was lying down on the floor waiting for the bloodiness to break out I thought should we brought her? no it's just Edward's dog go ahead I whispered to her “are you ready?” she nodded and crept down the staircase Edward Shouted “WAKE UP YOU OLD FART” he woke up with his eyes on Edward he ran back up the staircase , then his eyes moved directly to Ava , he bite her in the side of her thigh , she fell to the ground she just wouldn't stop crying.

100 word challenge: Mitchell

She just wouldn’t stop crying. Ever since she entered this world she would not shut up! It’s always”I want this I want that”she is never quiet. Oh sorry where are my manners my name is William but most people call me will and my mom gave us a “little surprise” but she has been the downfall of humanity! Besides who am I kidding I was probably the same way but not his bad! I just hope she will pipe down because she is driving me insane in the brain with her screaming and crying. but I still love her.  

100 word challenge: Elaine

       I ran fast, my heart pounding, my shoes slapping the pavement. My pursuers were everywhere. Or, if I was lucky they would all be running behind me, tripping over each other. But I knew my friends that were playing the game "Infected" weren't stupid. I kept running, my breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly something was wrong. Where was the sound of everyone else? I turned and nobody was following me. Everyone was crowded around a little girl. She just wouldn't stop crying. I nudged through the crowded and asked "What was wrong?" Then I blinked. And everyone was gone.

100 word challenge: Aidan

She was on the mountain she wouldn't stop crying and she was behind the group. She crying her eyes out. It was sad everybody was at the top of the mountain and she was 30 feet till she was at the top. This mountain was 2022 feet high. She was almost there and their group would not let her up they would step on her hands on sometimes and through things at her. And one time it got out of hand they picked up a big rock and throw it at her and she fell, she cried, cried, and died.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Ava

And she just would not stop crying…

Her dog was her best friend. He was always right there by her side. During thunderstorms, Doctors visits, (crazy right?) and when she went to bed. But everything changed when she woke up that morning. Usually her dog was right  there when she woke up every morning, but, he was’nt! She started to panic ‘what if he is hurt?’ or ‘is he okay?’ thoughts spun around the girl’s head as she told her parents what has happened. They said that they did not know where the dog was. This was a strange mystery...

100 Word Challenge: Ken

                                                       The Crying Death
by Ken

She just wouldn't stop crying, she fell off the mountain and landed in a bed. Then a man came and grabbed a crowbar and started hitting her. She started crying the man ran away. The police  came the girl that had fainted. When she woke up she ran off. Then she ran into a man. The man had a gun, the girl ran off. The man started chasing her. She was running like crazy. The man was gaining on here then she got hit by a big  car. She cried and cried and cried and died.          

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

She was staring me down like a hawk. Even though she is only 3 she scared me.

There was 1 piece of cake left. Without thinking I took the last piece. No one noticed that I did it until I heard the scream. It was the highest pitched scream I had ever heard. She wouldn’t stop crying. The whole room went quiet, people ran in from the other room’s. My aunt and uncle couldn't get her to stop. I realised what I did and felt extremely guilty. What is the moral of the story? Don’t take your cousin's birthday cake.

100 Word Challenge: Edward

she just wouldn't stop crying
‘’what did I do to deserve this ‘’
Just as she was saying that aidan texted ‘stop crying we are over’
she texted ‘ok bye forever’
she looked at her  shiny screen and it said aidan has blocked you from calling and texting.
she put the phone down and stood there frozen like a picture on a frame.
‘‘what could i have done just what?’’

she was sad and mad and glad at the same time. she was tired from everything that happened to her over this day so she layed down and went to sleep.

100 Word Challenge: Charlie

she just wouldn't stop crying. it was saturday. april 24 2015. the day i broke up with was in the hallways right after soccer practice. i was just hoping ever sense that she would forgive me and not tell everybody in the school. she did. told everybody in the school. the town . the country. the world. honestly i felt bad for her. i felt bad for me. everyday i rode home from soccer i see the break up in big black bold words on a tall white and blue billboard. then i wake up. from a long nap.

100 Word Challenge: Seraphina

and she just wouldn’t stop crying……

 The bullying was insane, grabbing, pushing, punching. But also the other kinds too. Like making up ridiculous lies about her, also telling other people not to be her friends. Alice was depressed, there she was sitting at her desk thinking about how horrible those girls where.
Why , why, why, did they half to be so cruel to her? She didn’t want to tell the teachers because she thought she would be a tattle tale doing that.

      At their school there were many lessons about not bullying, but the thing is they did it anyway!!!

100 Word Challenge: She Just Wouldn't Stop Crying

she wouldn't stop crying
I gave her back her unicorn stuffed animal with a rainbow tail but she wouldn't stop crying. She is a grown seven almost eight years old. she's not even, well she's almost fully potty trained. She just needs diapers when she goes to bed. Well anyways,  basically when she screams it's like a sonic scream. So there I was probably, by now deaf because she was still doing signature sonic scream. I was waiting for my parents to come down those stair surprisingly with a roll of duct tape and taped her mouth shut

problem solved

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Writing: Personal Narratives

For the last few days in writing, 5B has been working on a personal narrative. We got some ideas about what to write about by writing in our writer's notebooks.  Some were some moments that were the most exciting, grossed out and many more feelings. We been showing a lot of heart of story in our stories, to get a main idea and we did story mountains, where we say all the little things climbing until you get to the top of the mountain [the climax ] we been working on paragraphing and adding more details.  So then your readers have a good understanding of our books.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Math: Fraction Action, Fraction Friction

In math class we have been playing a game recently called Fraction Action Fraction Friction. It's a real tongue twister. Anyway the game helps us work on are fraction adding. When you play the objective is to get to 2 without going over. How you play is you each  pull a card and set it face front. Then when everybody has pulled a card you can either say fraction action which means you pull another card or you can say fraction friction which means that you don't want to pull another card because you might go over 2. You keep doing this until everyone has said fraction friction over gone over 2. Here's the deal you have to keep every card except the first one a secret. That is why I Ethan thinks it's fun but Wilson likes it because He never knows what he's going to get. 

Do you think you would like to play this game?  

Science: Astronomy Projects

Science Projects
By Iris and Ava

Our Science project is a project that you can make your own, There are different  types of projects that you can choose from a sheet of paper. We both chose ‘Alien’  but there were : Alien , Stars  Tour Guide, Brochure, Free choice, Eclipses, Astronomy history, Constellations & The Big Question!

For Ava’s Alien project I did a cute alien with puppy dog eyes. It looks like a blob of color in pink and blue. They can float with a body of a cloud. They live on Neptune too! I also made a brochure telling the reader what my alien looks like and what it is. My favorite part of my alien was probably the drawing in the brochure. They have cute little cloud houses that float because Neptune is made of gasses and ice. They are also best friends with iris’s alien the saturnians. And I think that it is pretty cool :) This is what Ava’s Alien looks like:

Iris’s aliens are called the Saturnians. They live on Saturn and they have a tail to swim through the gasy surface of Saturn. They can also fly with their beautimus wings though tough storms of Saturn. They are besties with the Bopz a.k.a. Ava’s  alien. They girls have 1 tail and 1 pair of wings. And the boys have 2 tails and also 1 pair of wings. They soar around the galaxy shipping packages and mailing letters to friends and visiting them. Here is what they look like:

Free choice:
Here is a free choice. In free choice, you can basically do whatever you would like to do! But it has to be based off of astronomy.

Tour Guide:
Here is a tour guide. In a tour guide, you can choose a couple planets and research and then  tie it all together in a brochure.

Here is a brochure. In a brochure, you can research a planet and put interesting facts about that planet into a brochure.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Stuff is a time usually at the end of the day that we do sometimes. When we have this time we use it to get things done that need to be done. But we also use it to do other things too. Like learning new educational games, or looking at our blog buddies blog posts. Or going onto educational websites, like khan academy.

                But one thing I really like about stuff is that when I go home and my mom or dad asks me what I did at school, I can simply say