Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Notebooks by Manny

Notebooks by Manny
    Since Miss Dunlop gave us notebooks for a gift on her last day, I’ve been taking some time to write in them. I’ve had some creative ideas in my mind to write about things I could write in them. It really helps me to be more creative in writing other than 100 Word Challenges! You should really write in yours too, because it’s fun! You get to pour your ideas out on to paper.
    The notebook is really something I care about for writing and my memory of Miss Dunlop. Without this, what could I remember her by? In the notebook, I’m just going to write random stuff, and when I mean random stuff I mean book reviews, my feelings about something, and other things. These notebooks are very good to use when you want to write, and that could help with your creativity too!

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  1. I'm so sad...... Ms.Dunlop was such a nice teacher and she was always like "Smile"