Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Eva

I woke to a start.  It was Easter morning and 5:00.Immediately I started hunting for eggs.Found one,two,three.I looked everywhere but I still had only three eggs!Oh wait I have four now!"HI MOM,HAPPY EASTER!!,I'M LOOKING FOR EGGS"Suddenly I saw some thing on the fridge....AN EGG!!After a while I found 11 eggs but my said she hid 12.I looked and looked and looked,Finally I saw an egg shape in the fridge[I was hungry]I looked closer but it was an actual egg!!So I ate it.My mom was coughing by the fire place and I think that was a hint,so I went over to the fire place...But I COULDN'T FIND THE EGG!!


  1. Ha! That was really funny. I loved how I felt like I was there hunting for eggs with you. You made it seem real to me.

    - Quinn

  2. I wonder where that twelfth egg was? I thought it was funny that you got excited about a real egg and thought that it was one of the ones you were hunting for. Well done for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.