Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Personal Narrative by Filip

Art Hill Sledding      by Filip

On a Sunday, I woke up with excitement. I told my mom that I will call my friend Jake, so we can go sledding together. He happily accepted the invite. My mom, sister and I waited for Jake at the front of his house. He came out with this huge object. My mom was wondering what that was. Jake told us that it was a snow tube. We were still confused. He told us that it’s like a tube for water, but you go sledding on it. His snow tube was so big, it barely fit in the car. Along with that, Jake was barely visible because of the ginormous snow tube. When we parked at the Art Hill parking lot, all of us were excited. My mom and my sister went to the other side of the hill, while Jake and I were sledding on the other half. Jake and I found a place where there were holes in the ground. Jake nodded and we went down. I had a spongy sled, while Jake was in the snow tube. I was holding onto Jake’s snow tube because it goes faster than my sled. We switched spots after each time we went down the hill. While we were nearing the bottom, we were going faster and faster so we hat to jump off our sleds and tubes. Even though Jake and I got a little wet and cold, we liked going down the hill. We especially liked when we went in air because of the potholes. When it was time to go, Jake and I were WET! And by WET, you know what I think. Jake and I came to an agreement that we should play at my house. He could’ve come to my house only after we get a nice shower. We had a lot more fun later during the day.

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