Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip - Persevering on the Slopes

persevering on slopes
by charles

Thursday January 14 2016 Glenridge, Captain and Meramec went on a trip to Hidden Valley. Everyone was talking about the trip and what they were going to do and who they where gonna ski with and when we got there after along 30 minute bus drive everyone got up and started pushing there way to the door. When  the bus door opened everyone was out of the bus in a second. We lined up with are classes and walk to the building so we can watch the safety video. Captain was the first school in the room than glenridge and we walk in  a sat down with our friends and talk until the instructor got our attention and everyone looked at him. He told us what we were going to do and some main safety rules before we started the video. After the video the teachers walked around and gave us a clip to put on our zipper. Some people found that very challenging. Then they gave us are sticker with our ticket on it and it said if we can do the lift or not. Than we all went to another building to get our shoes and skis. Once we were done we went outside and started the first station to are ski school. The first station was how to put the skis on then you had to duck walk all the way to station 3 where you did turns and went down to station 4. At station 4 you practice stopping. Then at station 5 and 6 you practiced going in between cones going down to station 7 where you practice turning, then after 7 you could go ski. I went right to the first lift i sall and i started going up. Then i saw grant right behind me on the lift. once we got to the top we skied down together. We kept going on the same run until he met up with wilson. Me and christian and ezra were going on all the slopes that were open [ which was only 2 because the whole west side of the mountain was closed] When the unopened slopes open we went down those and skied all the blacks. Then are only way out to get back to the bus to leave stopped we were confused so we asked someone what happened. they said it shut down. so we went on the same slope 4 times are 5 time ezra accidentally went left off of the lift not right so we were stuck on the hardest steepest slope. Are first time all of us fell 2. We set a goal to run the slope without falling. it took us 3 or 4 runs to do it but we did. And are last run was are lucky one because right after the lift to get back to the bus was open. we took that lift and then we sale my grandpa come down the mountain. We tried to get his attention but he did not hear us so we had to go all the way back down on are way down we sale my grandpa on the lift going back so we quickly got on. We started screaming his name he turned around and said There you are. He waited for us on the top and we went to the lunchroom to get a snack. There hot chocolate was soooooo hot. So about ten minutes later we left to go home after are long and hard but fun adventure.                           


  1. Cool! I like how it is detailed and how the structure is setup. :) Yum... Hot chocolate...

  2. You are so detailed! It seems like you really liked the trip. Were the stations hard for you? Have you ever skied before?

  3. I also love how detailed you were! I can tell you put a lot of effort and time into this, so many words! Great job, and keep up the good work.