Friday, January 22, 2016

Ski Time by Seraphina

 Ski time!

    On Thursday we went to hidden valley, which are ski slopes about an hour away from our school! All three Clayton schools went, including us! My favorite part was going on the ski lift and skiing down the bunny slope. It was a lot of fun! The hart part about using the ski lift was getting off, we had to be fast enough to ski off the lift, and not have the seat bump us on the butt. That was my problem. On the very last time I went on the ski lift I managed to get off without falling, but I was unaware that I got off to early, and the seat I was sitting in bumped me really, really hard in the butt. Which sent me flying into the artificial snow! If you have skied before, you would know how hard it is to get up once you have fallen. Yes, really hard, I fell so many times, which resulted in me having to get up so many times as well. That part of it was very unpleasant. Another thing I really enjoyed was going on the rope tow. A rope tow is something you grab onto, and it pulls you up to the top of the hill. It takes you really, really fast up the hill and so many people fell off because of this. Also, lunch was amazing. Eating one slice of pizza and an ice cold drink of Hi-C is the best thing in the world after you ski! Skiing is awesome, (and hard)!