Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Valley By Iris

The Wonderful Ski Trip Of Clayton
By: Iris

This Thursday the Clayton School District Fifth Graders went to Hidden Valley to Ski. The line for the equipment was very long it took forever for the me to get my skis and go. When I finally got out there I went through all the stations. My favorite was the last one where we went around the cones. My least favorite was the side step station because there was someone in front of me who was not side stepping but stepping on everybody’s skis stepping. And also it just took forever to get to the top because their was so many cones we had to sidestep past. But once I got past the stations I did the rope tow. The line takes forever to get past and once I got on it was really fun. The lift was super fun. But on one of the last times me and my friend Seraphina were going on the way there she fell, so I went to go help her, but at the same time I was unaware that there was a big pile up in front of me. Then when I turned around a girl who was trying to get into the line slipped and fell in front of me but I did not notice her so I slipped on her ski and feel down. Then I noticed the big pile up in front of me. There was a girl who was on the ground crying black tears because she had makeup on. And her friends were trying to help her but they were falling down and on top of that her ski’s were not coming off. And I couldn’t get up.  Then after that was over I went on the rope tow and fell off three times.


  1. WOW, Iris this is very well written and descriptive. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. This piece of writing might be my favorite one of almost all of your blog comments/1 Great job! :)