Monday, May 9, 2016

STEM day Robo Hounds

STEM Day Robo Hounds
By: Ethan and Aidan

We had a great time today at STEM day. One of our favorite stations was the robotics station. We got to meet some of the Robo hounds (members of robotics club) and they showed us their robot that they made for two   this year. It costed four thousand dollars to create. The coolest thing the robot could do was shoot balls into a hoop. They went to Florida for one of their . One of their main sponsors is Bowing. While he was explaining this each person got to try to shoot a ball in the hoop using a controller (controls the robot).
Each cost 5,000 dollars to participate in. Bowing and the Robo Hounds other sponsors pay for the robot and the cost to get in the competitions. At the competition in Florida the Robo Hounds took 6th place. That is pretty good. At the competition in St. Louis they placed 4th. Then the controller person from the Robo Hounds started throwing the balls at us and we tried to catch them. We had a ton of fun at this activity. Does this sound like fun to you?