Monday, May 9, 2016

Aerodynamic Engineering Station

On STEM day, the 5th grade students in Clayton went to Clayton High School to learn about: Science, technology, engineering, and math. There were six stations to help us learn more about each. One of our favorite stations was the aerodynamic engineering station. At this station, we made paper airplanes with different designs, and tried to make them go through a hula hoop. It was difficult, and we tried many times. Very few people succeed. If you happened to be one the lucky winners, you received a piece of candy. YUM! To launch the planes, we used cool machines that propelled our planes into the air. Some people were PRO level airplane makers, while others, had copied off of PRO level builders. Many people tried, but only few people succeeded. After the hula-hoop contest, there was another contest, only about how FAR your plane went. Again, many people failed, but only ONE person succeeded. The prize for that contest, was the MOST candy… Each and every one of the people who did not get any candy, were drooling with jealousy.

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