Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing by Quinn

One day in Florida, my dad and I decided to go fishing. At first, we got nothing everything was calm and quiet. We went out farther and farther and then stopped. We "dropped anchor" and got out our fishing poles. At that moment I remembered the first time I went fishing. My dad told me,"if you feel the line tingle, reel it in." I felt a tiny nibble right after putting it in the water. My dad didn't believe I had a fish but when we reeled it in the bait was gone! Anyway, back to the real story. About 20 minutes later I felt a nibble, then it went away. I thought the bait got caught on a rock or something, but then there was a huge bite! A couple seconds later, I saw a fin, then a body! It turns out the line didn't get stuck on a rock. I got a fish! But when I realized what the fin was I got mad. A dolphin took my fish! This happened 3 times in a row! Eventually we moved and the dolphins stopped bothering us. It was a spectacular day! Even though a dolphin took my fish!!

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  1. This story reminds me of when we when fishing in 4th grade and I got a lot of fish . And the part when the dolphin took your fish was really funny.