Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writing: Flourish by Diniti

                By Diniti

June 9, 2012

Dear Ivy,                                                                    
I know that you’re disappointed about not getting your magic, but I hope that you’ll    feel better reading this.
I think my parents copied your birthday present, because they gave me a gold bracelet studded with fresh-cut emeralds. They told me that emeralds was the birthstone of May, and is a symbol of rebirth.                                            

When I was blowing out my candles from my tenth birthday cake, I felt myself rising off the ground. In fact, in a few minutes I was whizzing around the room!
                        Wishing you
                      a good day,

    The light letter shook gently in Ivy’s hand. Why did Dove have to rub it in? “ She probably meant to, too” Ivy realized. She took out a fresh piece of paper and started writing:
                                      June 10, 2012
Dear Dove,
     Thanks for the letter, because I did feel much better, though I  think I still got my magic, for I have started having a connection with nature.
As for your bracelet, I’m sure your parents didn’t copy us entirely,  because  I know  diamonds and emeralds are not   the same thing.
                                     Hoping to see
you next week
Ivy smiled as a deep sensation of satisfaction settled in her.
    Ivy’s Mom’s side of her family was a very unique. Every time a child turned 12, they would receive a special power. Ivy’s mom had gotten a the power of seeing with her eyes closed, a perfect mom gift. Ivy’s dad was from a normal family, so he didn’t get any real power, but Dad was nearly perfect, in every way Ivy could think of. He was wise and always right. But Dad was also imperfect, with his clumsy feet, and little silly mistakes that never did any harm.
    Ivy had always worried that she wouldn’t get her power, having Dad’s blood in her. Now that her worst nightmare had come true, Ivy was living in a world of shame.

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