Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Favorite Genres

                  My Favorite Genres in Books by Manny
    I’m here right now to share some of my favorite genres in books and reading. I love to read! Fantasy, realistic fiction, poetry, anything! Except historical fiction. But I love to read, and in this next paragraph, I’m gonna share my favorite genres.
    Well first, I love realistic fiction! For a long while, it was all I read. StarGirl, Jake and Lily, and a lot of others! I like realistic fiction because it’s really cool how you can relate to the characters in life situations. The next genre is adventure. Some books in the adventure genre I’ve read are Warriors, Geronimo Stilton, and last but not least The Land of Stories; The Wishing Spell. I’m not a fan of survival adventure, but I like it to have a little sports in it. I like adventure because it’s always exciting and urges you onward in the book. The last genre I’m going to share with you is mystery. I love mystery! It really pushes you to read more, like in adventure. Some mystery novels I’ve read include the A to Z Mysteries, and Sammy Keyes. I like mystery because you feel like you can predict and have a feeling of who stole what, or who did this or that.
    Well, those are my favorite genres in books. I love these all, and I’ll always take time to read them.

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