Monday, May 19, 2014

Writing: A Typical Return, A Special by Manny

A Typical Return, A Special by Manny

    I opened my eyes, and my head was lifted up from the ground by warm hands. I looked back and forth, left and right. Where was I? I saw a woman, and a man. They were communicating in what seemed like a different language. I think they were using sign language, or some type of code thing. I had no idea.
    I looked to my right, and then down. Laying right before my eyes was a cup of water. I drank a little, and it tasted refreshing. I relaxed, and out my hand on my chest, and I felt a long bandage of some sort. All I remember was being struck by an ice blade. Someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, medium height...Elsa! I got up to leave, when the woman set her hand on my arm, and motioned toward the cup of water, then she put her hand to her mouth and tipped her head back. I suddenly realized what she meant, she meant to drink water. So, I bent down to drink the water, because I needed some strength and hydration.
    “Sorry, she’s mute. I thought you should know, you’ve been out for two days. Once we found you in the hot big room, we took care of you ever since. We’ve bandaged you, taken care of you, kept you warm in the nights, and all that stuff to keep you alive.” He smiled at me. Man, were they kind!
    “I have to get going, to the magical part of the forest. Over there are my friends.” I was eager, that I sputtered my words out quickly and didn’t understand what I was saying. Surprisingly, he did. “It’s about 15 minutes west from where you are sitting, so just go straight to your left and you’ll be there.” He smiled again. I said bye and to both of them and headed off to my right. I ran like I was running away from a portal that would suck me in to make me see all the things I hate. I ran like I was running from the scariest monster ever trying to strangle me to death. I ran like I was running from all the voices in my head saying “Tall Weirdo” and “Idiot”. I ran like I was running to a light that would lead me to my friends. I was. And I was close.
    When I got there, I looked to the river just further ahead. I took in the scent of all the trees and houses. I was back here. I was in the place I loved. I ran up to Rapunzel’s house and knocked on the door. She opened it and her mouth dropped open. “Am I seeing correctly?” she said. I nodded, and said,”It’s me. Brad.” She quickly embraced me, for what seemed like forever. After the Forever Hug, I looked back behind her and at the kitchen and kitchen table. “Where’s Elsa?” I asked. Rapunzel cringed, and said “Oh no” over and over again.
    “Where’s Elsa?” I repeated, but I said it calmly.
    Rapunzel took a deep breath and finally said,”Elsa…ran away.”

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