Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To This Day by Manny

                    To This Day by Manny
    During social studies, we watched a very inspiring video called “To This Day”, which is mainly about bullying and him and how it all started. The author is named Shane Koyczak. It started off with him talking about how he thought pork chops and karate chops were the same thing. Then it started to get serious. So serious I cried!
    It was about bullying and it was really depressing. The video was amazing, but it reminded me when I was teased in the first and second grade. And the mean words some people called me this year. Anyways, my favorite and most depressing oart of the video for me was when he said that he’d stay inside for recess, because out there was a place to stand there and get bullied, and to rehearse running from the bullies.
    I loved the video, even though it was sad. I think everyone should see the video. I even tried to show my mom the video, but she wouldn’t budge.

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