Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Blog Entry by Manny

Last Blog by Manny
    Leaving Glenridge sucks, I know. But we need new beginnings in our lives. And the beginning I had with blogging was a little obsessive, I know, but I really get to share my thoughts and opinions. It was great doing that. I only blog because I love it, and I LOVE writing.
    It’s been an amazing year. A few teachers I want to give thanks to are Ms.Kelly from GCC, who’s always supporting me. Also, Mrs.Carson for being the funniest teacher I ever had. And Ms.Wickel too, for being a great reading teacher, and I know she’d be the one of the best 5th grade teachers ever! And lastly to you, Mrs.Barnes, for believing in my writing and myself with my school work. You’re the best.
    Blogging has been amazing, and I’ve loved it so much. These are my last few sentences that I’m going to write. So I want them special. Thank you for 5B for being the best class ever! You what the B in 5B stands for...BEST! And we truly are, so I can’t wait to see you later on in middle school. See ya there!