Friday, June 6, 2014

Blogging Reunion

            Blogging Reunion by Manny 

    It turns out that this will not be my last blog that I will write because I Gmailed Mrs.Barnes and she said that it was perfectly fine! So that’s great! I have so many more ideas to share and thoughts to bring.
    I’m so excited that I can do it and I’m going to make sure that ALL my ideas are down on the blog. That might be a little difficult, because I have so many, but who doesn’t love a challenge? So I’m going to keep blogging over this summer, and also do other things too, including reading, making this miniseries/movie called “Jelbom” with my good friends who live close by, and play outside, play tennis, etc. So this summer is going to action packed! What are you doing this summer?

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