Friday, June 6, 2014

Promotion Rehearsal

            Promotion Rehearsal by Manny
    Promotion is on the 30th of May, which is tomorrow. I’m nervous, and not sure if I’ll cry...I really have no idea how it’s gonna be like. But I’m here to talk about the rehearsal. In the rehearsal, we practiced a lot of stuff. The certificate part, the standing up part, “I am a Small Part of the World” song, etc.
    Well, first we practiced entering and knowing where we were going to sit. It was pretty fun to know where we were gonna be and stay for the whole hour. Also, we got to sing “I am a Small Part of the World”. I thought we sounded great and so in tune. It is a pretty song. Don’t you think so too? Anyways, we practiced getting the certificates. And we found out a little bit more about the Shaw Park picnic, but I wish the teachers could go too, I’m really upset about that. But overall the rehearsal was pretty good. I enjoyed practicing the welcome speech. That was fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’ll be exciting!

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