Friday, December 19, 2014

Reading: Time's 2015 Inventions

TIME Magazine Inventions

In class Mrs.Barnes has been reading too us from The TIME Magazine about new inventions or inventions that are coming soon. I found the hoverboard SUPER COOL except it is pretty impractical because it only hovers a inch above the ground and only has a battery life of 15 minutes. There is also a 3D Printer  which prints CARS and EDIBLE CANDY!!!!!! No, I’m not joking I’M VERY SERIOUS AND YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! You can look it up for yourself and see.

I think its really awesome the stuff people have invented I could NEVER do it. Its really cool and some of the stuff is funny like the Selfie Stick LOOK IT UP! If you are looking for cool inventions also look up the 3Doodler and Anki Drive.

I like looking at cool new inventions do you?- Emma

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  1. I like looking at cool inventions, My favorite invention was the basketball that talked to you.