Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Discovery Blog Post

In 5th grade, we started a social studies unit called the Old Colonies or the 13 Colonies. But this isn’t any normal social studies unit, in this unit we are doing an educational stimulation called ‘Discovery’. In this simulation classmates are sorted into teams by teachers. Then the teams pick a colony name, draw a flag and complete assignments to earn points which are later converted to ‘wealth units’, which brings me to the next part.

There are two phases in this simulation. A sailing phase and a landing phase. During these phases, classmates load 3 ships with goods bought with the wealth units they earned. Once they are finished, they pick sailing fates and landing, hunting, fishing, farming, weather and general welfare cards and fates. Honestly last year 4th graders did a Oregon Trail stimulation and when they loaded their wagons, they had limited space but unlimited money. On the Discovery stimulation, the ships have infinity space but limited money. Oh well...

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