Monday, February 29, 2016

Planetarium Field Trip

Our trip to the planetarium was a lot of fun! First we explored the Makerspace in the Science Center part of the building. My reading partner and I made a wagon that actually rolled! It was a lot of fun! We also got to see the mission control room that controlled the rover on the other side of the building. It was cool to see and learn about the rovers and drones currently on Mars. Then we got to go see the Mars exibit in the planetarium. We could test different rocks and minerals to see what were in them, got to see landmarks on Mars, and even got to see a rover in action! We also saw a cool elevator designed to look simaler to the inside of a spaceship. Pretty soon, it was time for the star show. I walked up a long set of stairs into a large room simaler to the IMAX. I could see a faint image of stars all around us, but because it was before the show, I could only see about ten or eleven. I was worried that was what it was going to look like the entire show. I grabbed a mat and layed down next to my friends. The lights dimmed as the announcer showed us things like bathrooms and exits. After a while, she made a few more stars appear and started explaining what they were and how they connected. I was kind of sad that the stars were so dim. I started to tune out when something the announcer said caught my attention. She was talking about smog and light pollution, and how the stars we could see on the screen were dim because of that. I got exited. She then took away the light polution and the stars became a million times brighter! Then it got even better! She took away the smog and... Thousands of stars appeared out of nowhere! Some were large and bright while others were smaller and dim. It was so beautiful. I could see a long part of the Milky Way galaxy and I could even recognise some constilations. She explaned more, but I was just flabbergasted at the beauty of the stars. Overall, I loved the field trip and would be happy to go back any time.


  1. Why didn't you give me credit!?!? I'm your Reading partner
    the one that helped her build the wagon

  2. Remember me or did you already forget? lol