Monday, February 29, 2016

AWESOME science center field trip

Oh hi there, my name's Riley. Today we went to the planetarium and I had an  AMASSING  time. If you know me in real life I'm like a JR. astronomer I love, love, looooove, The stars (I'm going to the Kennedy space center in Florida during the summer and I'm going to eat lunch with a REAL astronaut. I'm super exited!) Canis Mojor (The great dog) is my favorite constellation. At the Stl Science center I Got to Control a real NASA rover (sadly not on mars) see a star show, And go to there makers space where i got to make a sail for a small boat (witch I beat every one with using simple physics of course.) and ended up finding that the structure that I built MONTHS ago was still there! me and my reading partner Claudia built a wagon that we pulled everyone around in (not at the same time). Honestly I know that I'm doing this for homework but I love the subject, its the best one in the universe! ha ha, get it? no? well this letter is about astronomy and you know what, forget it.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time to read this.

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