Monday, February 1, 2016

Wydown Orientation

Our trip to Wydown taught us a lot about next year. We parked in the garage and then rushed to the auditorium, not forgetting to grab a pamphlet. I grabbed a seat next to Ava. We waited for the orientation to start by talking about the school. Soon enough, the lights dimmed and the crowd fell silent. Jamie Jordan, accompanied by Doug Weiner, trotted onto the stage. She gave us a welcome speech and introduced us to Mr. Weiner. He will be our grade level principal. She explained the color-code of the pamphlet and sent us on our way to follow the 8th graders to the classrooms. I had social studies first. It was super fun to see Mrs. Miller do all of the crazy costume changes! Next we went to literacy and learned about all the fun projects we'll do. Then in science, we watched a video of kids doing labs and going on field trips. Next, in math, we compared 6th grade to 5th, and discovered we are in for a lot of homework. Then I went to spanish/french to learn how the current 6th graders like middle school languages better than the spanish classes we currently get. Lastly, I went to Main Street to hear what all the elective teachers had to say. There are so many choices! I am overwhelmed by all of it! I saw: Drama, chorus, art, exploratorium, band, orchestra, ELL, and they were all persuading. Middle school is super exiting and I can't wait to start!


  1. You make middle school sound SO fun! I wish I could have a time machine and go BACK to middle school!! What electives are you taking?

  2. Wow Clauds! This peice of writing is super descriptive!
    Great Job!