Monday, February 1, 2016

Middle school orientation by Ken

Middle School Orientation
           By Ken
On Thursday night a lot of 5th graders from the clayton school district came to Wydown Middle School to learn about wydown. When we got to Wydown some students gave us this piece of paper, it was blue. Me and my mom went into the the theater room. We sat their for a few minutes, until a guy came up stage and started talking about what was gonna happen. He explained that the piece of paper you got at the entrance if you had a color like blue you would be in group D. Me and my mom was in group D, the guy also explained that a 8th grader is gonna be the people that you will follow. So me and my mom and a bunch of parents and kids in group D were going to the math room first. One of the math teacher’s explained what was going to happen in 6th grade math. Then we went to the language room. One of the teachers showed us a video that showed students talking about why they choose the language and why they liked it. After that we went to the social studies room the teacher explained about 6th grade social studies. Then we went to the reading/writing room. We got to sit in beanbags and pillows. The teacher showed a slide and video showing 6th graders talking. Then we went the lunch room were a bunch of people sitting at tables explaining about school clubs. Then we went to the science room and the teachers explained about science showed a video showing 6th graders working and 6th graders at field trips. After that I went home with my mom.   

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