Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6th Grade Orientation

6th Grade Orientation
By Iris and Ava

On January 28th 2016, most of the 5th graders from the Clayton school district, went to Wydown Middle school, because there was a 6th grade orientation to get 5th graders ready to go to Middle School. At the beginning of the orientation when the parents and students walked in some people from Wydown passed out a sheet of paper telling which group you were in. When the orientation started the Middle school principal made an announcement, and greeting students when everybody was situated. She introduced some of the Wydown middle school teachers. After a little bit, three 6th grade kids, that talked about middle school. The first person was really humorous, and exaggerated a lot in an HILARIOUS sort of way. The second person was a girl named Sahi. She is one of my best friends (Ava’s) she sounded pretty good. The third person was a girl named Gabriella. She did pretty good too. After all of the announcements, we were dismissed to leave and go to our groups. Ava and I (Iris) were in the same group: Group D.
My friend Claudia and Seraphina were in the same group: Group A. There were some 8th graders leading the groups. We first went to math.
In math, we found out STARTLING news. We. Had. Homework. on. The. Weekends. Inside, Iris and I ‘s (Ava) heads we were screaming. As you could have probably seen, we do not like math that much, we like simple things in math, but still.

After the Math discussion, we went to Elective Choices and we got to choose which electives we were thinking about doing in middle school. Iris chose drama and music. I chose (Ava) art and music.

After Electives, we went to Social Studies, where they did an AMAZING skit about what we were going to do in that year of middle school. Ava and I (Iris) were literally laughing so hard that Ava got the hiccups.

After Social Studies, we went to Literacy. were they showed us a video, were 6th graders talked about fun things to do in Literacy. I could tell that Ava was excited to do this because she loves to read and write.

After Literacy, we went to Science, were we found out that we were going to go to a fun field trips. Where we get to try to find FOSSILS! We both thought that it was going to be cool and interesting.

After science, we went to Language Arts. There was an option between French and or Spanish. Iris is thinking about doing French, and I (Ava) am thinking about doing spanish, just because I already know how to talk in spanish, because all of the 1st grade students, through 5th grade students, learn the language.
After the tour of Wydown, everybody went home, Ava and I thought that it would be a little bit scary, but we also thought that it could be fun.

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